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  1. Forgive my confusion then; a work being 'absolutely trashed' was far more likely to be Robert than James. But, I guess the bigger question is: is it reasonable for companies to operate this way? I mean, as you say - if the Board allows it, it doesn't matter what people say. So even if there is general discontent amongst the company and the wider audience, if the Board cannot stand up to the offending person(s), it will continue? Am I understanding you correctly?
  2. Um... The New York Times literally could not say enough nice things about it? http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/28/arts/dance/28tobi.html (It was also lauded by the national post, globe and mail and the toronto star). Could you be thinking of a Binet turkey?
  3. While I can't rule out familial connections in other companies, I cannot think of a single other example of nepotism being quite so bald faced as with Binet and Fischer in NBoC. Truly, another such example cannot exist: the board of director's son being hired? The daughter of two ballet masters being promoted despite a questionable season? But even for arguments sake, let's say that nepotism does run rampant across the ballet world: Why must we accept that? Am I wrong for wanting better from our company? People detest nepotism and do not react well to having it be forced on them: Look at Will Smith and his son Jaden as an example. Indeed, you have never heard Kudelka was the golden age in the history of the national ballet because I did not say that. However, it is impossible to ignore his success and the fact that he is now sought after around the world after such works as "Four Seasons" "Cinderella" and "The Man in Black". Admittedly, he was not good with budgets - but at least he had artistic vision. NBoC under Karen has completely lost it's way. This is a large factor in NBoC no longer being a player on the world stage - pandering performances like Pinnochio or Le Petit Prince - may sell tickets but it does nothing to advance the art form. I suppose you are right though, volcanohunter. Under Karen this is what to expect now. I'm trying to prepare myself for a loooooooong season of Romeo and Juliet, Pinnochio and another full length Binet ballet. I just wanted better.
  4. I have been thinking about this over the past few days, and I can't stop coming back to this: How can this be Karen Kain's legacy? She was once a definite talent in the ballet world - and she took over NBoC as artistic director, and it's like her entire focus changed. I know it's an unfair comparison because James is an internationally respected talent, but James Kudelka would NEVER have allowed the above shenanigans to occur under his watch. Just like James would never allow the quality of works performed to have deteriorated to this level. To give credit where credit is due, Karen has made a lot of money for the company, but at what cost? Is pandering to the lowest common denominator all we can expect? When is Harry Potter: The Ballet coming out? Or Thor Vs. Hulk: A pas de deux... It's just crazy to think that Karen retires soon (maybe 2 years to 6 years MAX) and this is what she will be remembered for!
  5. PREACH!!! Never have I agreed with something more than this. Hahaha, did anyone else see the failed attempt to make #dreamersinlondon a thing? In my best regina George voice: “NBOC, stop trying to make dreamers happen. It’s never going to happen”!!
  6. Okay, I didn't want to make this personal about this kid, but this needs to be said: It says even on his own website that the "choreographic apprentice" position was created "Especially for Robert."
  7. I guess I'm just concerned that the damage has been done at this point. Regardless of whether or not that's justified, that reputation is going to follow that poor kid.
  8. I guess that is easily explained by this: Which is pretty disgraceful to be honest. What a serious affront to both G. Cote, and the rest of the talented dancers in NBoC.
  9. I think it's pretty evident that nobody suggested that. BUT - I don't think it would be possible to deny that working/getting hired somewhere (anywhere!) where your parents feature prominently is somewhat ethically ambiguous. Just on the face of it, it raises questions about the character of the parents and about the talent of the offspring. I think Hannah is a talented dancer who would do well anywhere. Just interesting that she chose NBoC.
  10. Was anyone else at the Gala this year? Nuages was INCREDIBLY beautiful. Hodgkinson/Gomes are magnificent. Why why why Is this work not performed more? The other standout was Ebe/Lobsanova in Coppelia. Charming and lyrical with such class.
  11. I am also definitely over Binet. Surely there must be fresh new talent that could be showcased instead of allowing 2 spots for a stunningly mediocre choreographer. But I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that his father is chairman of the board. *Sips tea and minds own business*
  12. Canadian


    Hello everyone!! I'm a Canadian here and I wanted to talk to people about the national ballet!! ANyone else here familiar??
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