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  1. I could only make the Tuesday night, and it looks like I lucked out - very excited to see Kim as Ali! Now off to read what the regular Mariinsky watchers think of Tereshkina and Shakirova. I didn't care for Kondaurova when I saw her as Nikiya last year, so I'm glad I get to see some other ballerinas. Although I would have liked to see Batoeva again - she was a great Gamzatti!
  2. My thoughts exactly... I love the book and am generally a fan of story ballets, but no way on this one! Too bad the casts aren't more inspiring - I was curious to see the ballet itself. I'll have to make do with Manon - can't miss the Bolle farewell (and he tends to bring the best out of Seo) and Cornejo the next day!
  3. The Kennedy Center is not helping TWB by having ballet subscriptions limited to the visiting companies. It strikes me as a rather odd arrangement. Because I get up to NYC often enough to see NYCB and ABT, I end up not subscribing to the ballet season at the Kennedy Center, although if I could have a mixed TWB/touring companies subscription I probably would.
  4. The casting sheets have yet to be updated for next week. However, on his Instagram, Adrian Danchig-Waring posted that Joseph Gordon would replace him in Afternoon of a Faun, debuting October 11. I expect that will be the case for the other performances that week (I have tickets for the Saturday matinee with Afternoon of a Faun as well as the DeLuz farewell that weekend). (Sorry for the lack of link, I can't figure out how to embed it)
  5. I fully agree. I honestly hope they don't try and promote more mediocre or not yet ready dancers from within their ranks, and go outside to recruit credible principals. The female side of the principal roster was boosted with internal promotions but I have yet to be impressed with Teuscher (pretty but stiff, boring, no arabesque to speak of or acting chops) or Lane (too inconsistent and one-note). Although I will say I was very impressed by Seo this year who seems to really have worked on her technique, so perhaps there is hope for one or both of them. Still, there are very few casts I would pay full price to see at ABT at the moment.
  6. Me too! I was planning trips to NYC for both these programs. Oh well... it's always a fine night at the ballet with NYCB
  7. Theo - I attended the Saturday night performance, and noticed the same thing. The bows were done "opera style" - all the cast on stage, no special curtain calls and no flowers for the principals. The cast was Grettel Morejon as Giselle, Rafael Quenedit as Albrecht and Ginett Moncho as Myrta. Morejon was spectacular, especially in the second act. Quenedit was OK - I didn't find the Albrecht variations as satisfying as the ones I'm used to in Paris or NYC, so maybe that was part of it. Sorry to report I never as stiff a dancer as Moncho as Myrta. I know the arm positions are different in this version, but the corps and Morejon didn't look as tense! The corps was very nice in Act II - a welcome palate cleanser after the mess that was ABT a few weeks ago! It was nice to see Alicia Alonso in person, although it felt a little forced to have to clap on command... I do hope NBC comes back to the US more often, and would agree that other ballets would be nice to see too.
  8. On the plus side, my ticket states clearly "with the Kennedy Center orchestra". So no canned music! My Giselle will be Grettel Morejón. Has anyone seen her perform this role?
  9. Savannah Lowery announced on her Instagram that this Spring will be her last season with NYCB.
  10. Adrian DW said on his instagram he was going to be on crutches for a few days... So there are casting changes for the rest of the performances, which are all the Robbins program (I’m going Sunday) Russell Janzen is subbing in for Glass Pieces partnering Maria K. Taylor Stanley will do Four Seasons. Looks like there was a bit of a domino effect or other injuries. There is now only one Fancy Free male cast (Mejia, Coll and Villarini Velez) while Daniel Ulbricht will dance in Four Seasons
  11. I found that Huxley lacked stage presence on Saturday night. Schumacher on the other hand has great presence. I would hope both he and Ashley Laracey (what a cute couple btw) get promoted soon. For the rest, I agree with most everyone- Duo Concertant was an unexpected favorite! The leotards in Symphony in 3 need to go but Lowery’s dancing was also particularly sluggish, particularly when she shared the stage with Sterling Hyltin. Until the Spring!
  12. This season is just disappointing. With the cost of the tickets and travel from DC for me, I’ll only make it to 3 performances including one I have mixed feelings about (Seo in Giselle but I can’t miss Bolle!). No regrets on anything else though - I had to weed through performances with Copeland to find one Don Q with Cornejo, so I’ll only see him once anyway. Thankfully the Cuban ballet is coming to DC!
  13. Nureyev, Nijinsky and Baryshnikov Yes, I pick ballets based on who is cast as the male leads... although I would have loved to see NYCB’s great ballerinas live too!
  14. There is more detail on the dates now, as tickets went on sale to KC members yesterday: Don Quixote (May 29 & 30)(Minkus/Alonso after Petipa) Giselle (May 31–June 3) (Adam/Alonso, based on Coralli and Perrot) I bought tickets to the Saturday evening Giselle performance, and orchestra was already sold at 50% when I did - looks like lots of people are excited to come to this! I've never seen the Ballet Nacional de Cuba perform, so I'm very much looking forward to it, even if that means lots of Giselle in one month after ABT's run!
  15. Copeland is cast in everything. I know she sells tickets, but...I can't picture her executing all the steps for Giselle, or Kitri, and we already know her Odette fouette record... I have to pick around her to see Cornejo this year, I guess... He is only paired with Lane for La Bayadere and Don Q (which should be very exciting) I'm excited about the Osipova/Hallberg Giselle too, with as the bonus the only Bolle appearance we'll get this season, although opposite Seo... Teuscher will have the chance to partner Gomes for Swan Lake - this should help her feel more secure and gain maturity in her characterization! Looking forward to hearing reports of Schevchenko's debut as well. Too bad Murphy has Hammoudi as her prince this year
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