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  1. I'm glad to hear of his plans, but I will miss him on stage. He had such great presence.
  2. I can only concur with Lena C. It was an amazing performance last night. Lane has truly blossomed and matured as an artist in the last few seasons, and she brings out the best in Simkin. Her Giselle was heartbreaking, and technically amazing, and his Albrecht a perfect match. Hurlin was a great Myrta, especially for such a young dancer. She has an amazingly fluid port de bras, so avoided the stiffness that plagues other dancers in this role. Beautiful jumps, great acting, she had it all. The corps was much better than in previous performances I have seen of Giselle at ABT - clearly,
  3. I should thank Kevin McKenzie for allowing me to save money on ballet and train tickets, but I don't think I will... It's another head-scratcher of a season. First, La Bayadère - why only 4 shows and in the middle of the week to boot? I'd love to see Kim again, but it's not going to happen. If they are celebrating the ballet's 40th anniversary, wouldn't it at least warrant a full week of performance? That would also give a few ABT dancers the chance to debut or develop roles, in addition to the guest stars. The mixed rep - Theme and Variations, again? When they struggled through it i
  4. Well... casting Brandt or Trenary opposite Cornejo would make more sense than what they have now. I might have to give the Simkin/Lane performance a go - I haven't seen Hurlin enough to gauge how she would fare as Myrta. I'm very curious who will get the TBA opposite Murphy for her return - Stearns and Whiteside are both already dancing, so I guess a guest artist. Unless they're keeping the slot warm for Hallberg?
  5. Thank you so much for the detailed response! I think I'll go with Batoeva/Parrish then - I've never seen him, and I always welcome the chance to form my own opinion of dancers
  6. Is this the cast you would recommend seeing? I have seen Timur Askerov 3 years in a row at KC, and I find him a fine dancer, but not terribly inspiring. I admit I was hoping for Kimin Kim! I saw Khoreva last year in Corsaire, and she shows some promise, but maybe I should give her a few more years to develop. I liked Batoeva's Gamzatti a lot 2 years ago. So, who should I see this year? I'll only get tickets to a single performance - I'm not that much of a fan of Paquita, and NYCB tickets are eating much of my ballet budget for the coming season.
  7. I have tickets to both Bolle/Seo and Cornejo/Lane. I couldn't miss Bolle's NYC farewell, and I have noticed in past years that he really gets the best out of Seo (who with Stearns is indeed very bland). So I would go with that cast if I were to see only one, especially with the uncertainty of Cornejo being injured.
  8. Welcome, Bellawood! No squeaky shoes on Bouder last night either, and I was sitting very close to the stage (and noisy pointe shoes drive me nuts!) Agree with you on Jared Angle - there are some roles he should retire (anything shirtless...) but he remains a great partner and expressive dancer. Agree also on Miriam Miller, who has had technical issues more than once when I've seen her dance. I hope she gets a chance to strengthen her core and work on technique before tackling more soloist/principal roles
  9. I thought Rachel Hutsell did very well in the kilt variation. Laracey looked a bit tense at the beginning, but really got into the ballet and by the end was so gorgeous and poetic. Veyette looked tired and his jumps leaden. I almost dread seeing him as the Hoofer in Slaughter tomorrow... Overall, last night was a lovely night at the ballet! I wish they did Scotch Symphony more often - it's a fun piece, and I really enjoyed it last night. On the other hand, although I enjoyed Bouder and Janzen in it last night, I wish NYCB would give Duo Concertant a bit of a rest. I don't live in NYC
  10. Thanks for reporting on this. I wonder how many people may have changed tickets rather than see Ramasar perform and have a negative reaction. I know I did for next weekend after casting was announced
  11. I could only make the Tuesday night, and it looks like I lucked out - very excited to see Kim as Ali! Now off to read what the regular Mariinsky watchers think of Tereshkina and Shakirova. I didn't care for Kondaurova when I saw her as Nikiya last year, so I'm glad I get to see some other ballerinas. Although I would have liked to see Batoeva again - she was a great Gamzatti!
  12. My thoughts exactly... I love the book and am generally a fan of story ballets, but no way on this one! Too bad the casts aren't more inspiring - I was curious to see the ballet itself. I'll have to make do with Manon - can't miss the Bolle farewell (and he tends to bring the best out of Seo) and Cornejo the next day!
  13. The Kennedy Center is not helping TWB by having ballet subscriptions limited to the visiting companies. It strikes me as a rather odd arrangement. Because I get up to NYC often enough to see NYCB and ABT, I end up not subscribing to the ballet season at the Kennedy Center, although if I could have a mixed TWB/touring companies subscription I probably would.
  14. The casting sheets have yet to be updated for next week. However, on his Instagram, Adrian Danchig-Waring posted that Joseph Gordon would replace him in Afternoon of a Faun, debuting October 11. I expect that will be the case for the other performances that week (I have tickets for the Saturday matinee with Afternoon of a Faun as well as the DeLuz farewell that weekend). (Sorry for the lack of link, I can't figure out how to embed it)
  15. I fully agree. I honestly hope they don't try and promote more mediocre or not yet ready dancers from within their ranks, and go outside to recruit credible principals. The female side of the principal roster was boosted with internal promotions but I have yet to be impressed with Teuscher (pretty but stiff, boring, no arabesque to speak of or acting chops) or Lane (too inconsistent and one-note). Although I will say I was very impressed by Seo this year who seems to really have worked on her technique, so perhaps there is hope for one or both of them. Still, there are very few casts I wo
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