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  1. yodasan

    UNBOUND 2018: A Festival of New Works

    Nobody competent enough to make lavish mindless dances - what a sad state of affairs.
  2. yodasan

    Unbound A - Opening 4/20

    That should be good! I look forward to hearing it online someday.
  3. https://www.dancemagazine.com/paris-opera-ballet-dancers-survey-sexual-harassment-2560888245.html
  4. yodasan

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    Only 5?
  5. Announced today by SFB by email, and on social media.
  6. yodasan

    2019 Season

  7. yodasan

    SFB Gala 2018: Celestial

    We went to the show last night - highlights I thought were Rodeo, Le Corsaire, Letting Go, and Children of Chaos. Best was Little Waltz - but I'm biased because my son was in it.
  8. yodasan

    SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Casting tonight apparently was changed to be Chung/Walsh in place of YYT/Ingham.
  9. I'd like to see Ghost again!
  10. Which Onegin/R&J performances - in some future season?
  11. We saw this program last night - wonderful! Particularly loved Dores André and Carlo Di Lanno in Golden Hour. And, after the first part, Ghost ramped up to thrill with a variety of creative forms. A question about the music in the trailer for Ghost in the Machine: where exactly is this from? I know its by Michael Nyman.