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  1. Thanks so much everyone! i'm really excited and i real enabled to get a start in my ballet journey! Thanks again! Katie
  2. HI! i just stumbled unto Rudolf Nureyev Swan Lake on amazon prime, and it was just magical! i've never been a ballet fan before, even though i was in some when i was a little girl. i'm a little "soft" and the sad tragic endings are hard for me, i don't like to be sad. i'm just dipping my toes in ballet, i'm looking for something i can easily get on dvd or stream online if i can, I don't have the money now to see it in person. I'd like something that doesn't make me cry, something with a happy ending and something magical like swan lake with Rudolf Nureyev. the limited ballet i have seen was always boring to me, but something about Rudolf was magical, and i loved how the story moved, how the dances meant something. I loved how they danced spoke the story more than the scene or setting did. how the dancers became the part. I don't know how to describe it i'm a total novice, I know i don't understand much about ballet, but i'd like to try to learn more. Thank you for your time, Katie
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