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  1. chicagoballetomane

    Nutcracker 2018

    Interesting that Ashley Hod is dancing Frau. I wonder if it’s because of her recent injury limiting her ability to dance other roles.
  2. chicagoballetomane

    2018-19 season: Joffrey Ballet

    Unfortunately the programming for Across the Pond has been changed. No more McGregor or Ashton. Now they’re doing Vespertine by Liam Scarlett - has anyone seen it, and is it any good? Andrew McNicol is making a new ballet. With this change in programming I’m thinking about skipping it - feel jipped on my season ticket purchase! Christine Rocos and Migel Angel Blanco were very good in Swan Lake on Saturday night. She brought me to tears at the end of Act II And was very vampy in Act III. She was technically strong too - no mishaps - banged out 32 clean single fouettés. I continue to enjoy the Wheeldon production!
  3. chicagoballetomane

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Is Lexi Maxwell not performing this season? She posted a palm tree picture on her IG story. Shame if she’s not dancing to support Amar
  4. Per her Instagram Waterbury will be on Good Morning America tomorrow.
  5. Shocking. I have been following Alexandra Waterberry on Instagram for well over a year, and her relationship with Chase Finley was well documented in her photos and stories. It became clear over the summer that they were no longer together when she stopped featuring him and her account. I would not have guessed that she was the catalyst for all of this!
  6. Really devastating news. Difficult to conceive of communications that would merit this type of response.
  7. chicagoballetomane

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Why presumably head to Georgia? Is his wife leaving the company too?
  8. chicagoballetomane

    2018 Spring Season

    I suspect Erica has been understudying this for years and is only getting a chance to perform with Megan Fairchild on maternity leave
  9. chicagoballetomane

    2018 Spring Season

    I wonder who the baby’s father is? Megan keeps quite mum about her love life on social media. I don’t believe she has remarried.
  10. chicagoballetomane

    Modern Masters

    I attended the matinee of the Joffrey’s Modern Masters program today, which I was quite excited to see because Glass Pieces and the 4Ts were on tap! The Four Temperaments is a masterpiece that never disappoints. The highlight for me was Stefan Goncalvez in Melancholic - his supple back and fluid movement were a joy to behold. I also enjoyed Victoria Jaiani in Choleric, as she completely commanded the stage. Christine Rocas was a bit of a disappointment in Sanguinic as she didn’t quite have the speed or attack that the role requires. The next two ballets I have no desire to see again. The soundtrack for Body of Your Dreams by Miles Thatcher was humorous, but the choreography had little to do with “music.” Mercifully, this completely frivolous piece was only about 10 minutes long. The Nicolas Blanc piece Beyond the Shore has some enjoyable moments. The Broom of the System section was my favorite, followed by the Aerosol Melody section, which featured a great performance by Amanda Assucena. The remainder of the ballet was just too dark to see, and the soundtrack was grating. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood, but after the 4Ts, I just didn’t want to see another ballet with dark lighting, fling-her-around partnering, and a series of loud sounds being played as opposed to music. After the second and third numbers, Glass Pieces was like a breath of fresh air. Real music! Light that allows the audience to see the dancers! The final section with the male corps de ballet provided an energetic and riveting end to the show.
  11. chicagoballetomane

    Joffrey Moving to Lyric Opera House in 2020

    After two decades at the Auditorium Theatre at Congress and Wabash, the Joffrey will be moving it’s performances to the Lyric Opera at Walker and Washington. The Lyric holds 300 less people, but it should not matter much because the Joffrey rarely opens the upper balcony at the Auditorium Theatre. I prefer the Auditorium to the Lyric from a convenience perspective as it’s right on the red line, but the Lyric is a more modern theatre. I’ve only been to the opera there once (sat in the orchestra a bit back and felt it was a bit hard to see the stage) and will need to decide which I prefer as a dance viewing venue. https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/music/vonrhein/ct-ent-joffrey-lyric-residency-0923-story,amp.html
  12. chicagoballetomane

    2018-19 season: Joffrey Ballet

    I am very excited for this programming and plan to attend all the shows. The Wheeldon SL is fantastic, and I’m pleased to see it will return.
  13. chicagoballetomane


    What a disaster- that was painful to watch.
  14. chicagoballetomane

    Gomes and ABT

    Whitley is impressive in those clips, but I would love to see ABT give Aran Bell a shot at a prince role:
  15. chicagoballetomane

    Steven McRae

    I saw McRae perform Don Q with Iana Salenko in Chicago a few years ago and he was incredible. His Act 3 variation absolutely blew me away with his speed, attack, and virtuosity. I actually ended up enjoying McRae/Salenko better than Golding/Osipova, primarily because McRae was so enjoyable