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    I am a former ballet dancer and avid balletomane.
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  1. The Diana Adams ballet photos that Georgina's executrix has are extremely valuable. They are historical photographs and should be kept as a whole collection and given to NYC Ballet or NYC Library. Diana Adams was a ballet dancer of high note, and one of George Balanchine's most beloved ballerinas. Those ballet photographs of Diana Adams will be cherished.
  2. Oh that would be SO incredible to see those photos of Diana Adams. Please get someone to show you how to scan. It isnt hard. Thank you so much.
  3. I am an avid balletomane. I adored photos in books of Diana Adams and Arthur Mitchell in Agon. It was monumental. Diana Adams was a lovely and very important ballet dancer. She went through so much to have a child. I am so sorry to know her daughter died so prematurely and tragically. I am so glad to have seen some pictures of Georgiana. She was so beautiful. I am reading the interview of Diana Adams in Balanchine Ballerinas. Ballet photos are so important. I deeply hope the woman who was looking for a place for the pictures of Diana Adams has found one. I know there is some place that would love having the photos. I dont know if they were ballet photos of Diana Adams or personal photos. But I know there is a place for them. I would love to see the pictures. I loved hearing how one poster said Diana Adams was like a second mother to her. I only know of Diana Adams as a famous dancer, so to know more of the personal aspect of her life is very interesting and very, very nice. I hope Diana Adams and her daughter Georgina are together now.
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