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  1. I attended yesterday’s matinee Erica Pereira and Anthony Huxley were superb. Ericas foot work was incredible she is so light on her feet. It was breathtaking. I agree with JuliaJ Erica’s technique and stage presence were excellent. Anthony was also exceptional his jumps were awesome. The entire cast was wonderful especially the kids from SAB. I am so happy i attended and was part of this audience who were treated to a great performance by 2 fabulous NYC Ballet dancers Erica and Anthony.
  2. I suspect Erica has only been understudying only a couple of weeks. She has shown us she is a quick learner remember Raymonda. Erica learned that in under a day.
  3. I attended last nights Romeo and Juliet. Erica Pereira and Peter Walker did not disappoint. Watching these 2 love struck kids i found myself feeling their joy and pain. Their dancing was absolutely perfect. When Peter would lift Erica it was as if she was floating in the air. When he would place her down the transition was as smooth as silk. The balcony scene was charming. It did appear that Peter had a problem removing his cape he actually yanked it off. The sword fights were intense and Troy Schumachers dancing was some of his best i have seen in quite a while. The entire core was great. Ending scene had me chocking up, you could really feel the torture and pain of both these young lovers felt. Loved Erica and Peter as a pair i would love to see them again in something else sometime in the near future.
  4. i seem to recall Sara Merns has been doing Swan Lake for over 10 years now and no one is calling for her to be pushed aside. These 3 Juliet’s are perfect for the role. They have been there since the ballet opened in 2007. I also seem to recall Erica Pereira was an apprentice when she did first did the role. The other girls i believe were soloists. Anyway i for one hope these 3 continue to do this role for many many more years. I have seen all 3 girls preforms the role and they all have perfected the role in their own ways.
  5. Wendy would be the best choice. She is currently teaching at Ballet Academy East. I believe she will be the successor to Peter Martins.
  6. Did anyone attend yesterday’s Matinee? Wondering how Pereira and Huxley did. Also wanting to know how Woodward’s Dewdrop turned out.
  7. I am sure this will not be popular but I am pulling for Erica Pereira to be promoted. She is one of the most technicality correct Balanchine dancer in the company. She was promoted 2 years after Romeo & Juliet which she dances as an apprentice. She is never injured and has delivered under pressure as shown in Raymunda which she learned in under 6 hours. I truly believe she deserves a promotion this coming fall.
  8. Anyone have a report on last nights Jeu De Cartes. I was wondering how the 2nd cast performed.
  9. Just returned from tonights performance all 3 ballets were very well danced. Abi slipped and fell forward catching herself with her 2 hands. She stayed on her feet. All in all the leads were great the entire company looked locked in and excited to be preforming.
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