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  1. I attended opening night for program 1 (Tues March 27) in order to see Tiler Peck in Tchaikovsky Pas, Bouder and Laracey in Diverimento, Fairchild and deLuz in Zakouski, and Mearns in Pulcinella. It was a great night, even though Fairchild did not dance. One thing I notice others remakring upon, and something that has perplexed me for years: the (over?)use of Erica Pereira in recent years, at least in Kennedy Center tours. To me her movements look thrown, harsh, not grounded, and unfinished. Every year I try to give it a fresh go. Each year I come away from a performance feeling like a terribl
  2. I saw Saturday afternoon’s Giselle, danced by Ayano Kimura (filling in for Venus Villa) and Jonathan Jordan. I thought Ms. Kimura did a commendable job for what must have been a fairly last minute replacement (the programs already having been printed). A few years ago I saw the Maki Onuki/Broooklyn Mack “Giselle” by TWB, and while I am not sure anyone can match Onuki technically in the company (she is my favorite dancer at TWB), I really did enjoy Kimura’s winsome, girlish, shy Giselle in the first act. Her acting was great, and my heart really did break for her when Albrecht’s betrayal was re
  3. I'm a little late to the game, but happy to report that if you watch these performances via Roku or another streaming service, the clarity and the ratio seem to be completely fixed! I was dismayed at the pixelated quality and weird ratio when I watched them live, but it's been worth another view (or FIVE of Sara Mearns)! Question: I've only seen NYCB perform Symphony in C twice before this broadcast, when they were touring the Kennedy Center (2 years ago now?) and was wondering if that--due to the nature of the choreography--the third movement female lead always tends to look like
  4. Thanks for posting the casting, I could not get a hold of it on The Washington Ballet's website, nor at Kennedy Center's. I decided to see Maki Onuki dance Theme and Variations on Friday evening--and I was NOT disappointed! I always love watching her confident, technical, brilliantly sharp dancing and thought she was definitely the one to tackle Theme and Variations. Having seen both ABT (Michele Wiles, about five years ago) dance it not very well, and Ashley Bouder dance it amazingly it at KC two (or so?) years ago, I am pretty picky about who I want to see try their hand at the ridiculously
  5. I, too, really enjoyed the Mack/Villa cast of Hamlet. I went in not knowing anything about the ballet, except expecting to like the Philip Glass score (which was excellent!). I had never seen a Mills ballet, and really enjoyed this one. The music, for me, really evoked the ever-worsening emotional states of the characters, and I did not think it felt rushed, as the Kaufman review mentioned. I also thought the 3 additional Hamlets were a really interesting move, and really signified again, the mental anguish of Hamlet. Great dancing by Villa and Mack! I enjoyed Hamlet a lot more than Carmina Bu
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