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  1. I hope people will ask for the reprint - I would surely buy it!
  2. I ran across a picture of Tanaquil Le Clercq on Instagram, and went down that rabbit hole and ran into a picture posted by Holly Brubach, in which she stated she was a friend of Tanny's and was starting to write her memoir. I found her homepage and saw this: "I am currently working on a biography of Tanaquil Le Clercq, a ballerina for the New York City Ballet and George Balanchine’s last wife." I am so looking forward to this! More here: http://www.hollybrubach.com/news/
  3. Margareta

    Wilde Times

    I haven't bought this yet, but it has one bad review on Amazon. Any other thoughts from those who have/are reading it? Thanks!
  4. Margareta

    Wilde Times

    Does anyone know anything about this upcoming biography of Patricia Wilde? It's being released in a few days.
  5. Margareta

    "The Master's Muse" by Varley O'Connor

    Dirac, I enjoyed the book. It has piqued my interest in that period of ballet, so now I'm reading Suzanne Farrell's autobiography and have finished Allegra Kent's. I did the see the documentary - watched 2x as a matter of fact. Loved it! I do wish there was more information available about Le Clercq.
  6. Margareta

    "The Master's Muse" by Varley O'Connor

    I'm new to this forum and this book inspired my interest in Tanaquil Le Clercq. I had never heard of her, but saw this book as a "librarian's favorite" at my library so checked it out. It seems to be very controversial on this forum, but at the very least it seems to have brought about a renewed interest in this spectacular ballerina. So in this regard, I would say the book has had a positive effect.