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    performer, studied ballet for years, my mother was a ballerina with the Rio de Janiero Opera house
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  1. Thanks for your response Drew, how funny you had a chance to see Figaro with Michael. I was able to see him do Figaro in San Francisco with Kiri te Kanawa who has been a fave of mine for years. He took me back stage so I could meet her. I live in Seattle now and so does Michael, we had lunch the other day. Small world. he is going deaf which is so sad.. I too loved Gelsey Kirkland with ABT... Take care.
  2. Hello, this was an odd roundabout way to find this forum but I was curious about a certain dancer, Heather Watts, who I saw was a friend on FB of Jennifer Nairn-Smith who I know from LA. So I googled to see if she was the one who replaced Gelsey Kirkland in An Evenings Waltz's back in the 70's. This forum cam up first so I clicked it. As I was reading thru the string of questions surrounding An Evening's Waltz's I remember it was Christine Redpath, I think. The amazing story is that I was in the audience or should I say just me and my friend who sings in the NYC opera at the time, Michael D
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