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  1. 54 minutes ago, canbelto said:

    I think Tiler Peck could do a good Sylvia pas de deux. I like Megan Fairchild but feel like she's a bit over cast. Like do we need to see her in G Major?

    Am I the only one that thought she actually gave a decent performance in swan lake? I saw her on saturday evening and I actually thought she was much better than during her debut in 2017 and gave a convincing performance especially as odette. She even overcame an underrotation during a very early part of her 32 fouettes and never felt off pointe and kept turning until the very end, what nerves of steel. I would like to say even with or without Sterling and Tiler being not 100%, her casting has been well deserved. 

  2. 37 minutes ago, McJagger said:

    My daughter was at the SB dress rehearsal and said the same things as you regarding Peng-Fei Jiang. She couldn't figure out why they had given him the role so soon.

    On the other hand, she was ecstatic about Harrison James and Jurgita Dronina.

    anyone has any reviews on elena's debut? I'm sure she was wonderful. I'm wondering if anyone saw her performance...

    going back to mom2's comment, she was most likely not happy because she had to dance the fairy role right after her massive debut as aurora for which she should have had a good day off.....

  3. On 12/12/2017 at 5:28 PM, cobweb said:

    I wonder what aspects of Dewdrop were considered beyond Mearns' ability at this point. 

    If anyone sees Lauren Lovette's debut as Dewdrop tonight, please report. 

    I was there last night. I love her radiance in general but I feel as though every time I've seen her perform she has made a technical mistake. She fell out once or twice out of the fouettes but otherwise I believe her debut was respectable.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Kathleen O'Connell said:

    Absolutely. And no matter how badly they're going, her face needs to say "Swish! Nothing but net!"

    I feel like you guys are being a bit harsh. those fouettes look fine to me, and better than the ones she did at another gig. less travelling and more centered.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Birdsall said:

    As someone who is gay and openly gay in the South and in education (a field where many find it harder to be open) I find it absurd to be gay and closeted in the performing arts in NYC in 2017.......it boggles the mind. I took lgbt high school students and their parents to meet with school board members way before anti-bullying iniatives were popular and mainstream. They were getting harassed and beat up and the schools they attended were not doing anything about it. I was shocked by these kids' stories and took them to meet school board members to tell what they are going through (getting beat up simply because other kids assumed they were gay without them necessarily admitting it). Other teachers thought I was risking my career, but hearing what these kids went through (fearing for their physical safety on a daily basis) made me not worry about my career. They needed an adult who showed them he is not afraid to be who he is and stand up for them to the school board. After those experiences I have no patience for people who worry about their careers after hearing about what these kids went through.


  6. 1 hour ago, canbelto said:

    Lovette has had a number of injuries and in general hasn't really developed as much as I think Peter Martins had hoped. I really like what she's done as a choreographer though. I think her 2 works show far more promise than, for instance, Troy Schumacher.

    aww don't say that. What struck me when she came out during the robert fairchild farewell cereomony was how young and tiny she is! I'm not sure where her biggest ambitions lie, but I thinks she's definitely more than capable of giving us more as a dancer too. Though I have to say I get nervous every times she does marzipan because she comes off pointe more often than not, I think there's something besides technical security that she can offer as a dancer. I think her style is very soft and musical and earnest and I enjoy seeing her in slow lyrical ballets

  7. 9 hours ago, sandik said:


    It's such a tough balancing act.  We're getting Swan Lake later this season, and so we're doing the speculation -- x number of performances vs y number of dancers who might be cast as O/O.  This is broken down into dancers who have done it before and are still up for the role (with the subset of dancers for whom this is likely their last chance), dancers who are ready to make a debut, and dancers who should be learning it in preparation for the next time around, but depending on injuries might have to step into a performance...


    NBOC is doing swan lake this season??? I'm really rooting for Elena to finally debut this year!

  8. 16 hours ago, naomikage said:

    The casting for this company as well as the repertoire is so weird that I have completely lost interest in here and would never travel to see them again. I had enough disappointments. There are some fabulous dancers but the direction is so puzzling, making this company one the most boring major companies in the world. And no one has reported anything on their Paris tour. I think no one here is interested.

    ditto!!! I am quite puzzled by the criminal underutilization of Elena Lobsanova. Perhaps to a letter extent but similarly for Jillian Vanstone. And it beats me how Hannah Fischer has earned all her high profile roles while she doesn't quite seem to have the goods to perform them, as evidenced by the poor performances she had of both her Swan Lake outings. Yes, I too agree, the casting within this company has puzzled me greatly and it is evidenced by the lack of interest by the non Canadians in general as well as the exodus I have seen of able dancers leaving NBC....

  9. 3 minutes ago, wonderwall said:

    I just revived the Restless Creature thread in the Documentaries section if interested in sharing your all's thoughts--would love to hear them! That was the only thread I found on the film, but if there is a more active one, could somebody point me to it?

    could we please talk about the fall season and swan lake and not restless creature? 

    did anyone go to megan's performance tonight. any updates???


  10. I'm heartbroken for Elena Lobsanova. I was really looking forward to her being the swan queen, and to me it makes no sense that two soloists would take over the spot instead of her when she is not obviously injured. She must be heartbroken herself.

  11. 3 hours ago, Emma said:

    I think Laracey does have the wow factor in certain roles.  I saw her at the Kennedy Center dance both Ash and the Infernal Machine the same night.  She was stunning in the Infernal Machine -- so much that I was shocked it was the same dancer in both roles.  She was a last minute sub for Isaacs in Ash but was scheduled for it later that week.


    In other news, Megan Fairchild was a perfect Aurora and just thought I should share =).  She really projected her dancing.


    I'm so glad to hear. Megan's dancing has been exquisite all this year, and I hope Alistair McCauley acknowledges it this year without disparaging her as he has year after year. FYI, is it just me or I find it extremely unprofessional of him to be following certain dancers on instagram and leaving remarks. I just don't think it's right for him to do that as a jouranlist. 

  12. 16 hours ago, Jacqueline said:

    Agree about Ashley Laracey.  She is so lovely.  But congratulations to all...well deserved, and what an exciting day!  The talent is so deep that it seems impossible to promote all who deserve it.  And I think that may have  been the case in the past as well.  There were "principal dancers" in the past who weren't officially principals.  Colleen Neary comes to mind...


    I feel that there has been significant audience support for Laracey and King, and I love them as well, but to be completely objective, they both seem to lack a wow factor besides their beauty in adagio roles. I think being a principal requires a certain technical versatility and I just don't think they have what it requires technically. Much like what happened with Rebecca Krohn and sometimes what I'm afraid for Lauren Lovette, I think that without having the technical abilities, you run the danger of becoming a bit irrelevant even after becoming a principal, and for me, rooting for King and Laracey to become promoted at this stage may be a hard sell in the end. I very much agree with Ashly Isaacs moving up, as long as she stayed injury free and became more free in her expression. 


  13. Wow I wanted to like la sylphide so much and being a huge megan fan as you guys know when to see tonight's performance. Well perhaps it was sitting behind a huge tall big headed man who alternated between dozing off to one side then bobbing his head to every beat of the orchestral music but not the best ballet experience I've had. I mean the choreo was beautiful and I appreciated the sweet rapport between megan and Gonzalo but it's suuuccchh a downer of a ballet!!!

  14. I am glad you guys are enjoying Megan's performance too! Coz lately I've been noticing that she puts her heart out there at every performance. Don't think it's any coaching from tiler--megan is an artist made of her own mold and know how to make artistic decisions of her own!

  15. Yes Megan did T&V on Sat afternoon with DeLuz. I'm assuming that there was an illness/injury to DeLuz, which caused today's casting changes. Tiler Peck made an excellent debut in Ballo on Sat. afternoon. Great musicality, and a much better spinner than Megan. Also, I thought Peck's speed allowed her to finish every movement with clarity, whereas Megan has a tendency to clip the end of a movement in order to keep up with music, Too bad Tiler didn't get to do Ballo again today. But really, who can complain about having Tiler fill in in T&V?

    Keeping my eyes on the Sylphide casting to see if DeLuz is able to dance his part on Friday.

    Abatt I disagree with you. I felt that Megan was doing every movement with ease and I think it's just a difference in interpretation in Style. I feel as though your one sided admiration of Tiler tends to negatively affect your interpretation of other artists' performances. Tiler is talented for sure, but her overt, extroverted

    sense of musicality does not have to be THE ONLY way for everyone I feel…..

  16. Yes! I think Gordon is the most deserving! I'm not sure how I feel about Ashley hod, she's a tall leggy girl but seemed always just a bit tad behind during allegro steps of any sequence I've seen her do. I think she's a bit overhyped in general.....

  17. Hi, new to the forum here, but have been following it for some time...I agree that it really excites me when dancers go out of their comfort zone.

    I was particularly excited that megan fairchild was going to debut in justin peck's New work but realized she was replaced by Tiler peck for the originally scheduled 2/6 debut....but I can understand because she has a very busy schedule this season ....I'm really excited to see her in all the other featured dances this season! I know she suffers a bit because her rep is very similar to Tiler peck and Ashley bouder's and because of that she is often overshadowed but I really appreciate Megan's honest, and open style and I think her talent adds a lot to the company. I just wanted to give her a shoutout because I think her modesty sometimes gets in the way of her shining as brightly as the others....

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