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  1. balletlover

    Discounted ballet tickets

    Thank you! Very helpful information.
  2. balletlover

    Discounted ballet tickets

    Thank you very much, silvermash. I checked the secondhand site and the tix are 99+ for the dates I will be there. Perhaps more will be posted soon when the casting is released. Does the POB have any special pricing for students or 'young people'? SF Ballet has a special pricing program for the Under-40 set so i thought i'd check.
  3. balletlover

    Discounted ballet tickets

    Hi, I will be visiting Paris in early December and was very interested in taking in a ballet performance (Dec 7 or Dec 9). Unfortunately, the tickets available online are only for higher categories that stretch my budget. What are some ways that I can get discounted tickets? Thanks so much!