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  1. A certain aunt of mine had tickets to pretty much every Semionova performance this season and had previously claimed to be "done" with Hee Seo after last season. Let's just say she's not happy about this (now, she's not blaming Polina and neither am I, but as she said "why does it always have to be Hee Seo?")
  2. One more Swan Lake change: Whiteside is back with Part and now Hammoudi is partnering Boylston.
  3. Hammoudi was cast in SL last year with Murphy, but none of my ballet friends in NYC went to see the show (those who are Murphy fans went to see her and Gomes on opening night instead). Part is one of my favorite O/O, so I hope they'll be ok together.
  4. Thank you onxmyxtoes. Great to know that her debut was wonderful. I'm sad I won't be able to attend the Met season this year as I had hoped; I'm hoping I'll be closer to NY by next year so I hope they keep SB for another year. If and when I can watch SB at the Met I'll be sure to attend one of Ms. Trenary's performances as Aurora.
  5. It appears that Gillian Murphy will not be performing Aurora tomorrow because she's sick with the flu. The calendar doesn't say who is dancing instead, she says "gillianemurphy@melanieyost @isalimo I'm really disappointed 2, but not to worry, it will be an all-star cast tmw! " https://www.instagram.com/p/BDtg7-inVUL/?taken-by=gillianemurphy&hl=en
  6. I just noticed that Luciana Paris is scheduled for Diamond Fairy on April 1st. Is she replacing someone or was she scheduled for it from the beginning? Regardless, I believe this is a debut for her, so congratulations
  7. Double duty for Copeland on Saturday. Great news for Copeland fans in Michigan, but I sure hope Brandt is alright.
  8. Wow. I guess no more character roles for Barbee on ABT then? Congrats to both of them on the new job though.
  9. This just in: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCjNYJaha4t/?taken-by=daniil "...rehearsing Romeo alongside Misty Copeland's Juliet" so I guess this means Simkin will debut as Romeo this year? He must be the missing Romeo then (although it's still listed as TBA on both websites).
  10. The question a lot of people are asking is "why is it always Seo?" Okay so my aunt loves ABT, she has for decades now, and always tries to attend as many ballets as she can, especially during the MET season. Last year at least 4 of the performances she attended, for which she had bought tickets in advance, ended up with Seo as a replacement. She used to like her a little bit a few years ago, but after last year she says she is "done" watching her and isn't buying any tickets whatsoever until she is 100% sure of who will be dancing (I told her she may have to wait until the night of the show and may end up with nosebleed seats, but she doesn't care). Needless to say she was pretty pissed when I told her about Lane's Aurora getting pulled.
  11. Whiteside. For both 26 and 30. https://www.metopera.org/Season/2016-ABT/la-fille-mal-gardee/
  12. Lane/Cornejo are still listed on the ABT site, but they're gone on the MET site (which tends to show casting updates before the ABT site). That really sucks. I'm guessing Cornejo has other commitments in July and cancelled the last week of performances (ala Gomes last season with Cinderella). It's a shame they couldn't find another partner for Lane. I don't see how Copeland was allowed to dance Swan Lake with Whiteside (a guy who is a foot taller than her) but they won't let Lane dance with anyone not named Cornejo, Simkin, or Gorak. ETA: before some people jump on me for using Copeland as an example, I didn't use it as a personal attack on her. I did it because both Copeland and Lane are of similar height (maybe Copeland an inch or half an inch taller) so I don't see why they couldn't have the same partners (both short AND tall). Yeah. I know it looks awkward when you partner is that much taller than you. But if I were a dancer I'll take awkwardness any day if it means I get one chance at a leading role on a big stage this year.
  13. Thank you for your report, Natalia In other news, it's official now that Part has been replaced for her second performance as well (Teuscher is taking her place for the Sat. matinee performance; she will be dancing Lilac double duty on Saturday as she's also doing the evening show). I wonder what is happening with her? She was replaced on Nutcracker and now here as well. Whatever it is, I hope it gets resolved soon so she'll be A-okay for the Met season.
  14. The ABT calendar now shows Piano Concerto #1 and no longer lists The Green Table for the Bard performances. http://www.abt.org/calendar.aspx?startdate=10/1/2015
  15. That article is from the August/September 2014 issue shortly before he joined ABT's studio company.
  16. Company rosters haven't been updated on the ABT website. Check back in a few days to see the new company members. The only new members listed so far are the apprentices who were promoted to corps in June.
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