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  1. You can add me to the club. And proud of it.
  2. So Copeland and Boylston are dancing every full-length ballet. That plus Firebird, which means they're on every single week, and most of the time they're on twice a week. Wow, good luck...
  3. Thank you nanushka and angelica, and good point about the back of the grand tier. I'll keep that in mind. I'll definitely go for grand tier for the shows I definitely want to watch and are in my schedule, and maybe dress circle for those last minute "why not? I'm already here" unplanned shows (they seem to always happen). You know, just so I know how much I can still see from up there for any future lengthier season. Thanks again to both.
  4. Hey all, I need some advice. I haven't been to the MET in at least 3 years, but my distance vision has deteriorated since. I always loved center dress circle, but I wonder if that's too high up now. I'm taking opera glasses with me plus an extra pair of binoculars for close ups (10x, work great in the dark). Should I pay the extra cash for Grand Tier? I really don't mind the price difference because I'm using the money from last year (and the year before that, and the year before that), and I just want to enjoy the shows. Plus, I'm not attending that many shows this time anyway (not enough time in NY each week). Orchestra isn't good for me. We simply do not get along. Long story.
  5. She was also replaced in Nebraska. She was supposed to dance the Black Swan PDD, but was replaced with Isabella Boylston. I hope she takes care of her body and hope this is just a preventive measure.
  6. I re-watched Loyola's story. I can't quite make out what Forster is saying when talking about the hotel furniture (or did he say fixture?) but it didn't sound like something good. If they went with this hotel without doing a thorough research (hello, there are reviews literally everywhere) simply for the price the shame on them. I feel for the dancers who can't afford to go elsewhere and had to stay. Roaches aren't just gross, but they are a sign that there's a hygiene problem. Unless you happen to be in a tropical area where they coexist with nature, but Detroit (in February, especially) is not it.
  7. Some of the dancers left the Holiday Inn, but not all. It makes me wonder whether those who left paid for it out of their own pocket. BTW, Lane deleted the last pic (the one with the Swan Lake background) from her Instagram story shortly after she posted it. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to delete the screenshot as well? I've noticed that when posts are deleted by the dancers they are often deleted, and even not talked about, here as well. I'm sure ABT didn't mean to do any harm, but they could have researched the hotel a little better. I've had great experiences at Holiday Inns and also terrible ones. I usually research the exact location rather than going by the name.
  8. I have a feeling his Instagram is not even managed by him anymore. Or at least he only partially manages the activity there. When the Danza con me, or whatever it's called, was first announced, his Instagram story began to aggressively publicize it with specially edited photos. It reminded me of Hollywood stars when they sign an endorsement deal. Their Instagram, but especially their Instagram stories, are flooded with publicity. I'm not assuring that this is the case, but it's certainly a possibility.
  9. Lendorf is not scheduled to perform with ABT until March. I think it's safe to assume that Forster will take Hallberg's WC slots in July, since he's already doing the role with Stella in Hong Kong (and Teuscher in DC). But that leaves two more shows of WC unfilled (Gomes's shows). They should be able to fill those gaps with the the soloists. Solor, however, is a different story so I understand if they bring a guest artist for that. It's a tough role and Stearns may not feel up for it anymore (not to mention he's already overworked).
  10. Some cast updates. Hallberg has been pulled from La Bayadere and Whipped Cream. Replacement still TBA. Stearn replaces Gomes in Giselle, R&J, and Swan Lake. Whiteside will take Stearn's original SL show with Hee Seo. Still no news on Harlequinade or any of the unfilled roles previously mentioned.
  11. Just out of curiosity. Does anyone remember what the post said?
  12. Agreed re: Lane. I plan to watch her Giselle (along with Murphy's because I missed both debuts last year + Bolle because I don't know when his last dance will be). But then I have to wait two full weeks to catch her Nikiya and hopefully she gets something in Harlequinade. I don't think I can stay to catch her Kitri debut, so I'm hoping you guys will tell us everything All I know is that it's gonna be a pricey vacation this year. Accommodation is not cheap. But hey, I was able to save money by not taking a vacation last year so it's ok.
  13. It could be due to Lendorf's injury. I don't see why Whiteside couldn't partner Teuscher since he regularly partnered Part (and they're around the same height), but it could be related to that. Good for Abrera, however.
  14. LadyBubbles

    Gomes and ABT

    Bolle can do all of the classical roles Gomes was scheduled to perform (I'm not including Firebird or Whipped Cream). The problem (and we finally know the reason he wasn't given a Romeo this year) is that he has other commitments in Italy in June. I don't blame him. His career will end soon and he's not into choreographing like Gomes and other prominent male dancers, so he has to stay relevant. Unless he cancels the commitments (which he already announced, btw), he's a no-no for SL and R&J. As for Giselle, they were scheduled to dance on the same day (Gomes in the matinee, Bolle in the evening) so, unless they shuffle casting a little bit it's also a no-no situation. ABT has talent to work with, but they don't have much time to make decisions. So, all I can say to them is: good luck with that. And I mean it, because I look forward to attending the MET season next spring.
  15. LadyBubbles

    Gomes and ABT

    I'm not sure whether Gomes is a US citizen. On one hand, he's been living and working in the US for two decades. It only takes a green card holder 5 years to be able to apply for citizenship (some, however, choose not to apply). On the other hand, this is what he posted during last year's presidential elections "Please vote!!! #Imwithher #pleaseletmestay" I don't know whether the "please let me stay" was in reference to one of the candidate's threat to deport a lot of immigrants. If he were a US citizen, he wouldn't have to worry about that. Then again, what do I know? He could have been playing around. It's just instagram, after all.
  16. He's been removed from the MET 2018 schedule. I'm in shock.
  17. I suppose it's just hard to be equally good at both roles, especially when you lack the experience. I've seen ballerinas who eventually become good at both, but everyone has their comfort zone. And the only way to develop the other side is by practicing (on stage, in front of people. There is only so much that the studio can do for you in that sense). I never expected Lane to be a good Odile. However, I figured there are a few ABT ladies who seriously lack one (or both) of two characters. I wish they had given Lane another chance instead of having Copeland do 2 O/O's with two different partners, but we all know that ABT is driven by the "show me the money baby" movement. Teuscher, OTOH, is very deserving of getting a second O/O (and having Gomes as her partner. Now that is a must see partnership). I don't know how to embed, so forgive me for linking. Behold some very brief Odette action by Ms. Lane. Certainly more within her comfort zone, but I'm sure more practice in studio and especially on stage will help her develop more. Now that my favorite Odette at ABT is gone, I need to find a new one. She might just be the one when the time comes. We'll see how things turn out. https://www.instagram.com/p/BbgjtCYBarl/?taken-by=kremlinballet
  18. Not sure whether she was out celebrating the night before. However, I can tell you she only arrived in Florida a few hours before the show because it took place on the last day of ABT's fall season (and she danced on the previous day).
  19. Congratulations to the couple. Always nice when an absence is for happy news
  20. My guess is, back in June, she didn't have a plan B because she didn't have time to think of a plan B. That wasn't just her (last minute and with very little rehearsal) debut, but also the first time she had done a 32 fouette sequence on a full length ballet at the MET. She did the Corsaire fouettes a few times at the Roberto Bolle tour in 2016 (and she finished them), but you can't compare the level of exhaustion on just a PDD versus a full length. So, my guess is, she was going for the 32 counts in the music because she can do it, and just wasn't expecting to fall out like that. It was a rookie mistake to not act like a boss and own the rest of the coda, but keep in mind she's still a rookie when it comes to 32 fouettes in a full length ballet. Yeah, I know she did Swan Lake in Spain once but that was 5 years ago and it wasn't in the middle of 8 intense weeks of ballet. She'll get another chance next year when she dances Kitri. Let's hope things go well, and if they don't, let's hope she has a plan B and owns it. I'd rather see a dancer fill 27/28/29 music counts and finish nicely like Sarah did in the Kremlin video than a dancer finish all 32 and stumble at the very end. I've seen that many times, especially in regional companies in "obscure" countries (my job takes me there, so if there's ballet while I'm anywhere I try to go and watch). Often times the ladies can do the fouettes and they are able to cover the entire music, but somehow don't know how to end the sequence, so the landing looks very rough and sometimes they even stumble after they're already standing on two feet and no longer on pointe.
  21. So 28 (and a half? almost made it to the 29th count) out of 32 counts. Not bad considering she hadn't been in Moscow for even a full day when she took the stage. Is the Kremlin stage raked? Anyone knows?
  22. Copeland and Boylston are cast on every ballet so far. Boylston is doing Nikiya, Juliet, and Kitri twice. Copeland is doing O/O and Juliet twice (with two different Romeos and Siegfrieds, mind you). Interesting that Murphy is cast so much, considering how injury prone she has become. Here's hoping she stays healthy all season. I realize that she's close to 40 and will probably start retiring roles soon, but I sure hope she doesn't push herself too much. I'll try to catch the La Bayadere's double debut Wednesday. Everyone, sans Cornejo, is debuting a principal role. I don't think I'll make it to Giselle this year. I wish Don Q and La Bayadere were back to back because I want to watch Lane's Kitri debut (and Murphy because I don't know how much longer she'll be able to do this role and she's one of my favorite Kitris). Maybe I can go back to New York for a few days in late June. Still a long time before tickets go on sale, so I'll try to sort out my schedule.
  23. Bolle is down to ONE show this season. Is this his retirement (from ABT, not ballet) year? I'm surprised he's not doing Romeo this year. He is THE Romeo after all. Dacing Albrecht on closing night of Giselle. Hmmm...I smell an announcement coming, perhaps? We'll see.
  24. Well, I'm not too happy. BTW, Lane already learned McMillan's Juliet (she understudied it). But I get that it's not a great idea to overwhelm her with too many roles. Having said that, I would have given her Juliet and/or O/O while giving Brandt a Kitri. I'm sure Lane will do the role justice, but we're missing out on seeing Brandt perform Kitri and I know Juliet is better suited for Lane. I'm confused by the May 30th matinee cast. Someone's name is not where it should, but I can't tell who it is (is Teuscher doing 2 Nikiyas or is she doing one Nikiya AND one Gamzatti later that week). Either that or she'll be a fine Solor and Ahn an excellent Gamzatti.
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