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  1. I remember a lovely touch in the lakeside pas de deux when Martine van Hamel and Hazaros Surmejan were dancing. Before the final reiteration of the theme (after the big lift between two lines of dancers) she was 'flying away' as she did so often (being still half swan) and he gave up in despair, kneeling downstage. She turned, approached him from behind and touched his shoulder. As her arm lifted so did his head, in realization that she was there - a profound statement in keeping with the central theme of the ballet. It gave a special meaning to the final sequence of the adagio in which he wra
  2. Precious Adams was trained at the Bolshoi and currently dances with English National Ballet. Such a beautiful dancer!
  3. I remember that in the ballroom scene the coda used the old music, which I prefer. The prince did not just commit suicide - he was driven into the lake by the enchanted half-swans. I thought this was very well done. The lakeside set by Desmond Heeley was beautiful. The transition from the first scene to the lakeside scene was fascinating. Toward the end of this transition a projection of swans appeared, flying in from stage right to be obscured by a tree, and continuing in the same direction were side-lit dancers of the corps de ballet transformed into half-humans upon 'landing', exiting stage
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