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  1. nalgille

    Kathryn Morgan

    it was announced on live video of yagp talk on instagram/facebook today that she is joining Miami city ballet!
  2. And Sarah is dancing again Wednesday night with Herman-she is replacing Maria!
  3. According to Christine's Instagram, she will be dancing Myrta tonight instead of Gillian. I hope Gillian heals quickly,
  4. Wish we could see a Stella O/O, based on this video from December with Sterling Baca, she would be ravishing.
  5. nalgille

    Kathryn Morgan

    Kathryn said in her one of her videos she is having a two night performance focused on her life at the DC Kennedy Center in March with Ballet in the City. She will be dancing a variety of different pieces (I think she said 5?) including Balanchine and To Dance. She hinted "important people from her past" were invited and seems confident she will be in very close to full dancing shape by then. In one of her videos she also explained her hypothyroidism treatment has been complicated by the fact that she has the Hashimoto form (which she was only recently diagnosed with) and is essentially an autoimmune disease but she said since that diagnosis was made she has been making a lot of progress in getting back into shape. I'm excited for her!
  6. It seems like after doing ABT's nutcracker, Sarah Lane is going to guest perform Clara with SF ballet with Vitor Luiz on Dec 22 and 23! No doubt she will be beautiful! https://www.sfballet.org/tickets/casting
  7. On the "A Ballerina's Life" public viber chat Stella hinted she was starting to rehearse monotones, but no word on what dates or with who else
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