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  1. I loved ABT in the days of Baryshnikov, Bocca, Kirkland, Harvey, and on and on. The stars were beyond wonderful, and the Corps was pretty ragged. I gritted my teeth at Bayadere and Swan Lake and wished someone got the women to look in synch. Today my old favorites are gone, as are McKerrow, Corella, and now the three ballerinas. And the corps is breathtaking. I saw three Beautys in LA and was blown away by all the talent--the fairies, Florine, Bluebird, Puss in Boots--all of them. Years from now we'll be bemoaning the retirement of the big stars: Brandt, Trenary, Simkin, Whiteside, Abrera, and members of the corps whose names I don't yet know.
  2. KM took over the company practically on its deathbed and revived it. It's arguably the world's best. He's the Red Auerbach/John Wooden/Vince Lombardi of ballet. Appreciate what we have, huh?
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