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  1. I am unexpectedly leaving Boston and need to sell the remainder of my subscription. Programs included: Coppelia (March 2019) Full on Forsythe (March 2019) Cinderella (May 2019) Rhapsody (May 2019) + 2 vouchers to bring a friend (cannot be used for Cinderella) + one ticket can be upgraded for free The tickets are all currently for Friday night performances, but the subscription included unlimited free exchanges for dates and/or seats. The face value of the 4 tickets is $55 each (would be $76 without a subscription). I'm asking 220, including the 2
  2. Whoa - first Forsythe by NYCB since 1994! I hope that's a sign of more to come.
  3. That is correct, though he has battled with injuries for the last few years. That may be why.
  4. Dancers at POB are allowed one year sabbaticals. From the video it sounds like she is taking this option.
  5. Two permanent contracts were awarded today in the external competition for entry into POB. The internal competition, held Friday, included only dancers from the POB school; five contracts were awarded. Joy Womack did not figure in the ranking for the women and was not listed in the top eighteen. I'm not really surprised, her aesthetic does not really fit with the French school. I wonder why she chose to audition there.
  6. It looks like Olga Smirnova is coming back from her injury. She is cast as Tatiana for Onegin on May 29 at the Bolshoi.
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