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    Has anyone been to any of the shows on the rooftop of the Empire Hotel? They seem to be having several each month. Next shows is May 24th 5:00 & 7:00. https://www.iheartdancenyc.com/
  2. No excuses for him but she was no longer a student when the relationship began and she was over 18.
  3. My concern is that the innocent dancers of NYCB will be hurt by the backlash. The allegations are horrendous and if AW was primarily concerned with justice, she should have contacted the police immediately. According to the articles, she still has not involved the authorities. The fact that her attorney has admittedly approached the accused parties for money in exchange for silence is disturbing. Why haven't all "9 men" been named? Have some of them already paid?
  4. I really enjoyed your review! You sound very well-versed if not "expert"
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