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  1. How would one know from the Boylston Simkin video that their performances weren't more a function of inadequate rehearsal time, than their being not suited to the choreography? For instance, would one ever see a similarly inadequate performance of of ANYTHING from companies like Royal Ballet, POB Mariinsky, etc, which put great resources into rehearsals and training?
  2. Sorry. Second Krysanova-Chudin Don Q link should have been:
  3. On the topic of Krysanova, here she is with Chudin. Speed, elegance, musicality (both she and Chudin)
  4. I was there today as well, in the side rear orchestra (Rush ticket), and surrounding audience was well-behaved. And - perhaps it was due to my being somewhat far from the stage and also not being such a technical maven -- I enjoyed the performance perfectly well. (I DO know enough, however, to have picked this Odette/Odile over several of the other ones being offered this season ...)
  5. Once the Wed night Swan Lake became available, why was it given to Seo, rather than Abrera or Lane? The Misty casting I get - - - she attracts an audience that otherwise would not attend. But Seo?
  6. I attended the Sleeping Beauty Live in HD and was surprised at the seemingly poor quality of the transmission, which was dark and didn't seem any where near HD clarity. I'm curious to know whether others felt the same way and whether the poor quality was typical of other Bolshoi broadcasts. Interestingly, the Youtube posting of the performance, while it was up, was very much HD and far superior to what I saw in the the NJ theater.
  7. Devil's Advocate question : Given that every production has multiple performances with different principals each night, what's so terrible about having certain nights for pop star fans and the others for the more knowledgeable? It's not like the Met, where there's no way of avoiding singers not up to the part, unless one skips the production entirely. Nor is like a team sport, where the whole team would be affected, were one of the key players not at a professional level.
  8. See 6:34 here, is the difference more due to her being older than in the Eagling performance or perhaps due to Eagling's having more upper body strength and being able to do the lift differently?:
  9. YouTube search for Rome juliet balcony yields multiple performances. For someone relatively new to this, could you explain what ferri does differently?
  10. How would Lane and and Gorak (or anyone else who hasn't been rehearsing for the role) be able to step in on one day's notice?
  11. I was there as well. Agree 100% Flowing, delicate movement. Magnificent realization of character. Magnificent sense of music. A privilege to have been there.
  12. And Millipied is married to Natalie Portman, who was "exposed" as not having danced what people thought she had.
  13. Not faulting Lane. Agree that it would be cruel and unjust for it to be held against her, if that were the case - - - and no one will know to what extent this is true.
  14. Benjamin Millepied and Kevin McKenzie are colleagues and friends, I would assume.
  15. With the enthusiasm expressed here, does that mean you would pick Wed evening cast over Mon evening's?
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