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  1. All I can say is Reichlen definitely made the role the biggest deal for me! Does anyone know how tall Patricia Neary was? I wonder how "tall" the dancer has to be for the role. It seems like majority of them are 5'8" and taller.
  2. I think you are right. It was initially a principal role but lately it has been danced by soloists except Reichlen. Is it simply because there are more tall soloists than principals? I'm glad to know that Reichlen has a special attachment to the role. For some odd reason I thought she'd prefer to be the lead in Diamond (she is wonderful in it as well).
  3. Yes I did see her last year but I think she was cast in the role more frequently before. I think I've seen Lowery and Kikta as well and they were all underwhelming.
  4. Yes, I regret for not seeing her more often when she was dancing the role more often. It seems like she's moved on to dance more principal roles now.
  5. This might sound a little weird but I'm most excited about seeing Reichlen's tall girl 3 times.
  6. Oops, my memory is obviously fading. For some reason I've been thinking that their promotion happened on the fall season not spring. So that means there will be no additional promotion this year at all? Now I'm surprised know that Shayer won't be promoted this year...
  7. Sarah's Juliet will be heavenly!! She will be great in La Sylphide as well. Her partner better be Lendorf (who is probably the best James at ABT) I have a feeling that some of the corp members will be promoted during the fall season(like Hoven and Cirio last year). My guess is Hurlin, Waski, and Shayer. Edit: apparently there isn't any promotion during fall season. My apologies
  8. 100 percent agreed! I knew he would be great in this version but wow. Not a single fudged beat. He is the best prince in ABT's SB without a doubt. The fishdives were excecuted perfectly and both Boylston and Lendorf looked picturesque in their posture. He surely doesn't forget to point his gorgeous feet in every position! In Mozartiana Cirio was the best out of all three principals. So much more anticipation and musicality compared to Simkin who just did the steps. Do Boston ballet perform Balanchine often? I've been impressed by both Cirio and Whiteside so far.
  9. Congrats to all the dancers!! All of them should'vw promoted years ago. What's sad is either Teauscher or Shechenko might be blamed by Part's hardcore fans for taking her spot....
  10. My close friend actually have guessed that Trenary might get promoted ahead of Lane(gasp!). I'm hoping for Lane, Trenary and Shevchenko (considering how she saved abt multiple times this year. It doesn't make sense to not promote her after all the princioal workloads she pulled with last minute notice) but that's just my wish. And it seems line I got 2 of them right!! Congrats to Lane, Shevchenko and Teauscher!!!
  11. And the NYT article states that Boylston is a natural Balanchine dancer. Ummmm.... excuse me??
  12. To my surprise, today's highlight for me was Shevchenko in Phregiera section (she wasn't particularly musical in the following parts) and Seo in Nuts pas. I think Seo really needs to consult with a mental coach so that she can perform like tonight in every single performances.
  13. I'm wondering whether Cornejo can perform on Sat evening because Gorak certainly can't perform both Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and Sleeping Beauty back to back.
  14. Yes that would be the perfect word! I actually think Trenary could've been a better choice than Boylston for Tchai pas.
  15. When I sae Tchai pas at the recent NYCB gala, I remember that Veyette almost dropped Bouder during the first fishdive because she threw herself too far(the 2nd dive was good). I don't want anyone to get injured or anything but for this ballet I'd much prefer to see someone literally throwing herself off the stage than dsncing too cautiously.
  16. Ok I'm relieved to know that the prices didn't hike AFTER they announced her retirement.
  17. But still Sat mat tickets are pricier than Friday evening tickets which also features Misty. I really hope I'm wrong here....
  18. I think the pricing of Part's farewell performance went up.....
  19. It is possible that some of the dancers are aware of their promotion at this point. Both Seo Hee and Copeland were notified in private by AD before they publicly announced it in a company class. Anyway, this must be an awkward situation for the new principals as well....
  20. alexL

    Veronika Part

    I first saw Part's o/o in 2009 and have followed her career ever since. This backstory about her forced retirement is really frustrating... I just wish her happiness in future.
  21. Honestly, I will be surprised if Sarah doesn't get promoted next week. Teuscher or Shevchenko and Trenary's promotion is also possible since Part is (probably)retiring. Also, Murphy has been getting injured frequently and abt needs a "reserve principal" who can sub like Cirio on men's side. My hope is promotion for all 4 women but that's probably not going to happen. Does anyone know of any shortish corp ladies? I think Lane, Trenary, and Brandt will eventually become principals and someone has to fill their spot. The corp members that stand out to me are either average or tall in height (Fang, Hurlin, Waski, Hamrick)
  22. Just a heads up for all Part fans: the order of performance on July 8th Matinee(Part will be performing in it)has been updated and Mozartina will be performed last. I think Part might retire with this performance.
  23. I know it's off topic but I've always felt that the most "swan like" dancer at NYCB is Ashley Laracey, who in my opinion is better suited for classical rep. Maybe that's why she's been relegated to the soloist roles after all these years.
  24. Thank you for your insight! I've only read Onegin in a translated version so I'm not the most reliable critique of this ballet. Now that I think about it maybe my interpretation of this ballet has been... well... too "American"! Btw, Ferri's "determined" Tatiana only applied in the final act. I thought both Vishneva and Ferri interpreted Tatiana as a shy, bookish, introverted romanticist in the first 2 acts. Ferri sometimes made me nervous with her weak ankles... If only she made her return to ABT 5 years early...
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