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  1. Ok, edited that post. Sorry.
  2. All that was announced was that Catoya/Penteado would be replacing Arja/Cerdiero.
  3. MCB actually does flowers for every opening night in each of the venues where they perform. Flowers are not usually an expense the company pays for. Local florists donate bouquets and receive generous advertisement in the playbill.
  4. Yes, Friday night was her and Penteado's performance. Saturday night was supposed to be Arja/Cerdiero but they had to be replaced.
  5. Don't worry Cubanmiamiboy! Catoya got an enormous bouquet of flowers on Friday, opening night.
  6. Bart, MCB will be in the Kravis Center with this program this up-coming weekend, the 19th through the 21st, not in 2 weeks. I just didn't want you to miss it.
  7. MCB does have a West Coast visit planned for the end of June '07 in LA!!!! I'm not sure of the programs but I think they include 9 Sinatra Songs, Stravinski Violin Concerto, and possibly Dances at a Gathering!
  8. ok, I think I can put an end to this pronunciation issue. Considering thefact that i have known Ashley and her family since she was about 7. Bouder is pronounced like 'powder',or 'louder'. I'm 100% sure of this.
  9. "Our Show" just happened this weekend, I was wondering if any of you went, and what you thought of the show?
  10. Oh my goodness the Horror of just Picking one . I actually read this thread last night and became upset trying to think of which one is my favorite. At first I thought Serenade, but where would the worl be without Concerto Barocco. Then what about 4t's, and Stravinsky Violin is just so cool. Then there's Square Dance, I could dance that ballet forever, and the male solo is just perfect. Oh and Agon, Rubies, Prodigal Son, Theme And Variations, Symphony in C, Symphony in 3, I can't imagine being a dancer, and not having these works to dance. So If I had to make a decision in the case of the "Burning Building" emergency, I'll burn up with them cause I cant just pick one. On the other hand there are a few of his ballets that I think we could do without, I won't mention names, but they know which ones they are.
  11. Iliana Lopez and her husband Franklin Gamero, are Miami City Ballet's MVPs by a landslide. They have been with the company since a year after it's birth, and have been the glue that holds it all together. I don't know what will happen when they retire next season . Their last performance of Sugarplum and Cavalier was Sunday afternoon. She broke into tears during bows, and so did everyone else, It was absolutely touching, and beautiful. However, Iliana taking over as Ballet Mistress will be a wonderful new direction for her and the company.
  12. In adding to the topic of the "Wilis". I have a new Question, I understand that Myrtha is supposed to be the queen of all the Wilis, but why, I assume that she like the rest, died of a broken heart, but what makes her the queen?, why is she so extra bitter??? Why do all the other wilis do what she tells them?
  13. I think it's saying that she is a very intelligent dancer, but she shows it to the audience. She has to learn to hide her technical thought process on stage, and make it look like it's easy.
  14. I'm so glad you posted this article. I read it in the paper this morning, and felt that it really accutately portrayed what has been going on in the company. The money problems were really bad at some times, to the point where Villela was asked to let 14 dancers go one year. That was nearly 1/3 of the company at that time. But somehow things were re-worked, MCB managed to stick together and is really starting to go uphill again. Mike Eidson has done so much for and with the company it's amazing. He is so dedicated to the company as well as each individual dancer. Personally I think he has saved MCB in more ways than one.
  15. A few of the girls that were there when I was were, Glenn Keenan, Gweneth Muller, and I believe, Genvieve Labean. I think that I may be missing some too.
  16. CalMia

    CPYB alumni

    I think I can be of some help here: It's Melanie Haller with Sacramento. I believe that Allen Peiffer is in City Ballet now. Last I heard Shannon Castner was with Corpus Christie(sp?) I think Jamie Rae Walker left Miami for Paul Taylor but I may be wrong. Starr Book is Dancing somewhere too now, but i'm not sure where. If I think of any others, I'll let you know.
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