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  1. I could not agree more. Why has Lopatkina been recorded in more roles? This great ballerina, adored by St Petersburg audiences and balletomanes worldwide, is woefully neglected in commercial recordings. I am so happy that at least I saw her perform live in this role on the Mariinsky stage. Of the recordings that exist though, Mezentseva/Zaklinsky with Terekhova as Myrtha was the first ballet video I bought, and I watched it every evening for a year - truly! This is a WONDERFUL Giselle!
  2. There is nothing on YT that I can see, but Ksenia herself posted this tiny fragment: http://videos-h-19.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xfa1/10831121_637242769731199_1359502250_n.mp4 Unfortunately, it is filmed with an iPhone and there is a 15 seconds time limit, so this is all we have - but it is better than nothing! Well done, Ksenia!
  3. Very sad news. Sizova had the most amazing elevation I ever saw.
  4. I love the fortune telling scene in La Sylphide! The reactions of the girls to their varying fortunes are so funny! Igor Kolb is doing more and more of these character roles now that he is no longer so young, although he still dances the Prince in Cinderella, and also is performing Albrecht with Novikova as Giselle later in November. I saw his Carabosse recently, which was superbly acted and menacing as well as glamorous. He also was a truly sinister and weird Shurale. This month he is to make his debut as Tybalt, which I think will be perfect for him. I really applaud him for his excellence in all these character, demi character and more "acting" type roles that he is performing as his career progresses. So many male dancers continue dancing princes when they are really not able to do so any longer, yet they have much to give the company in terms of experience and acting and stagecraft. I think he is a great example of this.
  5. MadameP

    Olga Smirnova

    Olga's professional debut at the Mariinsky takes place tonight - she dances Swan Lake with Semyon Chudin. The company is putting out a great cast for her, with Ermakov as Rothbart, and Batoeva/Selina/Stepin as Prince's Friends. It's sold out, of course - all St Petersburg must be waiting to see her! Will be interesting to read the reviews!
  6. I love Kolegova's dancing! I have seen her many times at Mariinsky Theatre, and I do think she is a lovely Odette and bewitching Odile. She has to be the most beautiful ballerina in the company - her face is just exquisite and she is also very feminine looking. I think she has a great all-round technique, with especially nice ballon and exquisite feet and she also has lovely arms. I know when I saw her Swan Lake, I found her Odette very touching - I think she is one of the best Odette-Odiles in the company!
  7. Mariinsky of course still dance it - it is so magical, and I love the lighting, scenery, costumes, music - everything about it as well as the choreography of course! It is just like one of the lacquer boxes in the Russian Museum come to life!
  8. The new corps de ballet members have finally been added to the roster, including Vitaly Amelishko, who made his debut as one of the Horses in Little Humpbacked Horse on 5th October. Also, the following dancers are no longer on the Mariinsky roster, so presumably have not renewed their contracts for various reasons: Yulia Kasenkova, Keenan Kampa, Tatiana Serova.
  9. Ksenia has got off to a flying start with the Bolshoi! Her debut was as Neapolitan Bride in the second Swan Lake of the season on 20th September. She next danced one of the Furies in Flammes de Paris on 26th September, and she is scheduled to dance one of the Two Sylphs in La Sylphide on 11th October. I also spotted her dancing in the corps during the Legend of Love rehearsal in the recent Bolshoi broadcast. Congratulations and good luck to this talented young ballerina!
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