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  1. The following announcement has been made by Vaganova. С прискорбием сообщаем, что выпускница Академии 2015 г., Карина Солдатова умерла после тяжёлой болезни, с которой упорно боролась.Соболезнуем родным и близким Карины и благодарим всех, кто откликался на призыв о помощи ей. We regret to inform you that graduate of the Academy of 2015, Karina Soldatova died after a serious illness, with which she fought hard. We condole with relatives and friends of Karina and thank all those who responded to the call for help to her. This is so very sad ... that lovely girl ... What a tragedy ... Prayers for her family...
  2. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    I too am sad to see the Moscow style diluted, and understand your point about "mediocre" Vaziev wielding great control over careers of dancers more talented than him, BUT ... in comparison with the completely non-existent dance talent and career of Yuri Fateev at Mariinsky, Vaziev would quality as a genius of dance ...
  3. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    I seem to be saying the same thing over and over - but I have seen Stepanova in almost every role she dances, live in Russia and in the UK, and many times executing perfect fouettes, and given the award she has just won, her technical and artistic excellence is seen by others at Bolshoi also.
  4. Agreed. I have seen Stepanova execute fouettes perfectly many times, both in Russia and in her UK performances. As for Alyona, she's a beautiful, tall, elegant girl with exquisite lines and she is only 18 years old - I love seeing these young dancers given a chance. God bless her, and good luck to her in her career!
  5. Another vote here for both Novikova and Osmolkina principals - but it should have happened YEARS ago and probably will not. Such a tragedy.
  6. I like elements of both Mariinsky and Royal Ballet versions. Like Birdsall, I don't mind the jester per se, and I do think the Mariinsky Swan Lake is the finest in the world, unbelievable beautiful and poetic, and with the most outstanding dancers in the world and the best corps. The corps alone is worth the price of the ticket with their beauty, refinement, unanimity and eloquence - a huge tribute to the greatness of their talent and dedication, Vaganova training and their wonderful coaches. Their epaulement is beyond beautiful! However, I too miss the mime scenes which are such an integral part of the storytelling and I also prefer the sad suicide ending with yes, agree Mashinka, Siegfried and Odette gliding away into a better world. To me, the "fight" between Rothbart and Siegfried always appears somewhat ludicrous with apparently the loss of one wing causing his death. I think Tchaikovsky's music is far more appropriately portrayed with the apotheosis of the lovers after death... Well, we can argue until the cows come home about authenticity but overall, if I could choose ONE Swan Lake to see, it would still be the Mariinsky's!
  7. LOL! Love tapas! Hope you enjoyed Stonehenge! Yes, Matvienko is Kiev trained and that's where she started her career. I agree she is better as Odile and her arms definitely cannot compare with those of Vaganova graduates, but they have definitely improved since she has been at the Mariinsky. She is extremely pretty though - she has a lovely face! - and she has a really fabulous jump, although Odette/Odile does not need a jumper! She's better in some roles than others, but I agree, she's not a soft, sweet dancer.
  8. I too went to the Osmolkina/Latypov Swan Lake matinee this afternoon. Osmolkina was wonderful. She has a unaffected, clean technique that is pure Vaganova textbook, with nothing of the vulgar or mannered about it. Her gorgeously expressive arms and ease/flow of movement were evident throughout her beautiful white swan acts. She is also very feminine and appealing in her acting with those big vulnerable eyes. She was partnered by Ernest Latypov, who does look extremely young and sweet, but despite his extreme thinness, partnered Osmolkina well, including all the high lifts. Hard to imagine such a gentle looking Odette could turn into an evil manipulative Odile, but Osmolkina did just that. Her Odile variation was also superb with beautifully controlled attitude turns, and the sequence of 32 fouettes was performed easily, finishing with a triple. She had great rapport with the seductively evil Rothbart of Konstantin Zverev, another outstanding Siegfried in his own right, when the current management allows him to dance the role. The prince's friends pd3 showed the best male dancing of the evening with the elegant classicism of FIlipp Stepin. I saw him dance Siegfried with Osmolkina in St Petersburg, and he is an outstanding actor as well as technician, and today he was dancing with all his customary beauty of line and precision of technique. , Both newly promoted Nadezhda Batoeva and Renata Shakirova were on sparkling form. Batoeva's diagonale of entrechat6 de vole was spectacular. Both these girls were also excellent as the two swans in the final act. Grigory Popov as the jester, who could probably perform this role in his sleep he so often gets cast, was also on form with very nice grande pirouette and particularly good acting. Anastasia Petushkova was also outstanding in the Spanish dance - she really should be a principal character dancer, she just has the fire and passion for so many character roles. There is always so much to admire in Mariinsky Swan Lakes, and of course the corps, led by Ksenia Ostreikovskaya, was magnificent as always, with its uniformity of movement and exquisite epaulement. I have to say though, that the show belonged to Osmolkina - what a refined eloquent ballerina she is. Rightly she was greatly applauded at the end. Fabulous performance!
  9. Nadia was a wonderful Aurora in her debut, but she was superb in everything I have ever seen her dance in. If ever there was a well deserved promotion to 1st soloist, this was certainly it. Nadia has lovely clean technique, is a superb actress and also very beautiful girl. If you get a chance to see her in ANYthing - GO!!!
  10. Well, I've just finished reading this thread and all I can say is, it seems a very good thing to me that this miscast, inadequately rehearsed ballet with content of a sexually explicit nature in whatever context, to the extent that apparently some greatly respected dancers refused to perform it, with what frankly I consider horrible choreographer, was taken off. Good riddance. Why can't Bolshoi spend its money on a reconstruction or one of the great ballets in its repertoire that are not in production at the moment?
  11. Novikova's Nikiya debut this season was miraculous - what a great shame that America will not see this. It was shamefully overdue. She and Alina Somova for me are the best Mariinsky Nikiyas now. Nadia Batoeva is an excellent Gamzatti - she is wonderful in everything she dances - but Mariinsky have several outstanding Gamzattis at the moment. Fateev's casting for overseas tours as usual leaves a great deal to be desired.
  12. Yevgeny Konovalov is now a coryphee. He is a former Vaganova student of Selyutsky, with good arms and elevation who has nice princely presence and good partnering skills - he's danced Bluebird, James and many small solo roles recently. Congratulations to him!
  13. Yes, Oscar Frame is going to Bolshoi as well as Geraschenko and Sevenard. He is British incidentally, not American. He trained at the Hampton Academy in the UK before winning a scholarship to the Kirov Academy in 2011 and then transferred to Vaganova in St Petersburg in 2016.
  14. MadameP

    Yulia Stepanova

    Thank you for posting!
  15. That's exactly what I thought, too, Natalia, except no - leave Zhivoi at Mariinsky!
  16. MadameP

    Joy Womack

    Possibly that is because she is lucky to have the position she does have.
  17. I really enjoyed The Four Seasons - I don't find any need to over-think what it all meant! I enjoyed it very much for what it was, including the played around with Vivaldi music. I thought both Kondaurova and Belyakov were excellent technically, expressive and all the corps dancers equally charming and all dancing well - and they were all MT corps members, so a special mention for Andrei Arseniev. It was just all very easy on the eye and feel-good. I liked it very much.
  18. Ha - Natalia. You said it just as I thought it, but I hear the North Pole has a new ballet company that needs an AD...
  19. Oh - I HOPE she does coach and pass on some of her wonderful experience to future generations. Mariinsky needs her.
  20. I saw today on the Russian side of the Mariinsky website the following announcement. Ульяна Лопаткина сообщила о завершении танцевальной карьеры Мариинский театр официально объявляет поклонникам таланта прима-балерины театра Ульяны Лопаткиной, что она сообщила о завершении своей танцевальной карьеры. Here is the google translation: Ulyana Lopatkina announced the completion of the dance career The Mariinsky Theater officially announces to the fans of the talent of the prima ballerina of the Ulyana Lopatkina Theater that she announced the completion of her dance career. This is very sad news for me and for all her millions of fans worldwide, everyone who ever saw her dance, whether live on stage or on television or video. She was a wonderful ballerina, a true Vaganova ballerina with textbook, correct technique, the most exquisite floating lyrical quality and astonishingly beautiful arms. She had had an operation on her hip earlier this year, but for the last few years her dancing performances had become fewer and fewer, but always exquisite. I feel privileged to have seen her throughout her career. I remember the first time I saw her was as Nikiya at the Royal Opera House, when she was in her early 20s. We all marvelled at her slender limbs, since she was a type of ballerina we had never seen before. Towards the end of her career I was so lucky to see her on the Mariinsky stage as Odette-Odile, Nikiya, Giselle, Tsar Maiden and other roles. I loved watching her. I am very sad at this news, but also grateful for having seen her and God Bless her and give her a long and happy life.
  21. Yes, so I understand. She was offered contracts at both Mariinsky and Bolshoi apparently, but she chose Bolshoi.
  22. We do not know whether Lopatkina will ever dance again. She is not at a good age to make a come-back after having an operation. I hope she does...
  23. Just wanted to thank you, Gnossie, for putting the Markitenka (La Vivandiere) video on this thread. Vikharev was such a great dancer, and so much to be admired for all his work on reconstructions of ballets, coaching, teaching, and of course as a dancer - so much... but for me, when I think of him dancing, it is in this piece that I remember him the most. I have watched it on video so many times over the years, since I also love Pankova. I love both of them in this piece. Thank you...
  24. Nothing concrete, but I was in St Petersburg a short while ago and revisited both Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo palaces and Tsarskoe Selo /Pushkin (also known as Catherine Palace) had an exhibition of the costumes from this film, as well as many beautiful stills from it. The film is called Mathilde. The costumes and hats were sumptuous and the photographs and videos also beautiful. But interesting that they did not choose a Mariinsky or Bolshoi dancer for the dancing parts, although they did use the actual Mariinsky stage and yes, there is dance content, since they showed a short video clip with ballerina dancing, but I don't know how much there will be in the entire film. Looks very spectacular anyway as obviously it has beautiful locations, being filmed in Tsarskoe Selo and other locations in and around St Petersburg!
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