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  1. I'll modify my comment then, if I can. Without referencing anyone specific or any specific page, company or image, I can see your point in a general sort of way, Tapfan, especially when looking at some of the younger kids instagrams. I just think its petty to focus on imagery that's not officially sponsored by a company, and not meant for public viewing, and particularly when there are vastly greater problems with the media today. that's all.
  2. I think this is indirectly why the corps at ABT tends to be at the same time really weak but also unfortunately underutilized (for example, there's a new corps member who IMO is very talented but who has yet to be cast this season, she's a great dancer but never gets the chance to get out on stage)--- and yet, I saw an event at Miller Theater last year that featured a lot of seasoned ABT corps members. I didn't get a program and spent the first hour thinking I was watching the Barnard students. Not professionals. These students are really quite good! Thought I to myself... :-o
  3. I like it because it shows excerpts from company class and rehearsals. I don't care one way or another about 3 seconds of pool parties and I didnt notice any raves. According to published sources, they screen dancers' twitter accounts. not everyone has time to comb through relatively innocuous youtube videos from 4 years ago. they can't always anticipate what people will feel victimized by.
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