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  1. I don't know anything about Misty Copeland's ability to dance Swan Lake but I saw her in Don Quixote on May 14--I was sitting in row E center orchestra--and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was a street dancer, and although surrounded by other dancers, she had so much charisma, she commanded the stage. I have seen ABT principal dancers who have great technique but no personality, who do not project to the audience. They put me to sleep. Misty has an amazing ability to connect with the audience, and I value that. It's what makes the performance exhilarating to me. I overlook what other people are calling her "self-promotion" in order to enjoy the experience of being moved by her performance.
  2. I wanted to reply to the queries about where to sit in the Koch Theater. I am a subscriber to NYCBALLET and have sat almost everywhere in the orchestra and first ring. The redesigned theater gives good views from just about everywhere, including the far sides of the orchestra. By accident, when pricier tickets were not available for a performance I took a $29 seat and it was great! Why pay more? I just purchased $39 seats in the orchestra for ABT's fall season and know I will see very well. These tickets are in the rear orchestra. So don't lament the high cost of prime orchestra tickets--you will see well from anywhere in that section. The key is to purchase your tickets as early as you can to give you the most choice.
  3. I am new to this site and appreciate the input from members about the ballet companies I'm fortunate to see, especially NYCBALLET and ABT. Looking forward to reading about their fall 2014 seasons.
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