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  1. Thanks for your answers! Of course we are not all the same as taking our dancers in the world. SL at Grigorovich is a philosophical parable about the good and the evil that is in every man, and, unfortunately, the good does not always triumph. It's all imagines Prince Zakharova, indeed, sometimes it is removed, but it is me in SL it. She Swan, not Carmen and all the passion inside of her. Their blows with Holberg I don't like, don't understand why the Filin persistently puts them together, but I can not objective - David leaves me indifferent at all its advantages. Sveta is very dependent
  2. Helen, thank you for having responded. Very interesting. I've never been to NY and have not seen these versions. Foreign troupes why not take them to our own Lake.
  3. Sorry for my English, I don't know it and use a translation program. I read your reviews and shocked to the core. What happened on that tour? To the fact that in America don't like Grigorovich, we have long been accustomed, but the artists... (but in my opinion, Grigorovich has long been on the choreographic Olympus, even after the legend of Love). Could anyone not like Zaharova, she is someone who does not even believe that it deserves to be a prima ballerina at Bolshoi? I can not believe. Just wanted to see the company ABT. Apparently we are in Moscow understand nothing or blind. Also want
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