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  1. For what it’s worth, the “Dancer” shows up as the category of the page, which appears if the profile is a business account, similar to the way a business might be able to designate themselves as a restaurant or cafe. It’s not part of one’s written bio. The category appears on the app but it may not necessarily appear if you’re looking at Instagram from a browser.
  2. For what it’s worth, I received the same email that was pasted above by California, but I haven’t been a member or a subscriber for quite some time. I was last a member in 2017, haven’t had a proper subscription since 2014 (?), though have purchased single tickets every Met season since then. The donation link doesn’t specify an amount or that one needs to join as a member to get access to Manon, so I would assume a nominal donation should be enough to see the recording. My guess is that their email list isn’t particularly well organized and may have been compiled from various sources over the years, so there may be cracks where some ticket buyers/subscribers are slipping through.
  3. https://www.nycitycenter.org/pdps/2019-2020/studio-5/herman-cornejo-celebrating-20-years/ I have a ticket to this event but am no longer able to attend. Since it’s sold out, I thought I’d post it here in case anyone is looking for a ticket. I used a code when I purchased so the ticket was only $15 and can be transferred electronically. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  4. I saw the Teuscher/Bell matinee on Wednesday and was hoping someone else would report on it, as I can really only comment on the second half. I arrived a little late due to train issues and spent the first half in the small theater watching on a screen, which doesn't have great picture quality. (There were quite a few of us in there, and although I realize it was our fault for being late, I wish the screen had better resolution or we could've been let in between acts or during a pause.) At any rate, from the first half, the pas de trois was Royal, Giangeruso, and Fang, and Royal in particular did very well. The white swan pas de deux was very nicely done technically, though I can't really speak to anyone's dramatic abilities there. Teuscher doesn't have the most pliant back but still made some beautiful shapes. She made a very strong Odile though, perhaps not quite an evil seductress but certainly sparkled in a way that one could very easily see why Siegfried becomes enthralled with her. In the variation, she came down from pointe about half a turn too early both times in the pirouettes that go into attitude, but they were easily 5-6 turns total each time. Her fouettes were very strong. I thought that Wilkins, the conductor, noticeably sped up that portion, but she did lots of triples in the A section and switched to singles in the B section, all extremely secure with only a little downstage traveling. Bell had a very successful debut. I personally have never seen him take on a principal role (or even a soloist role), but he was a confident Siegfried and partnered Teuscher well. Technically, he was very clean. I've perhaps seen better characterizations (comparing him against the likes of Gomes and Bolle) but overall, he did quite well and brought a youthful energy and self assurance to the role. His ending leap was pretty spectacular that people around me gasped. For those wondering, Jose Sebastian did do the arabesque balance - it was a little tentative on the way up, but he did hold it for awhile. Some good moments of acting that reminded me a little of Gomes. He definitely has potential to grow into the role more, but a very positive debut. A great performance on the whole, and the audience was very appreciative and gave an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end.
  5. Thank you for posting this! Is there anywhere that says which pieces they will be dancing in? It doesn’t seem to specify casting on that page.
  6. Sarah Lane posted an Instagram story of her and Jeffrey Cirio rehearsing Harlequinade together. Enjoy watching both of them (and he especially hasn’t been given many opportunities at ABT), so was very happy to see this.
  7. Thank you for that detailed analysis, ABT Fan. I agree with a lot of your points. Personally, I really enjoy both Lane and Cirio and am somewhat disappointed not to see them more often. Curious why you say you don't see the two of them having chemistry together? I don't think they've partnered together but it could be interesting to see. Also would not mind at all if you wish to do a tally of the men as well.
  8. According to this article, Simkin will be in Berlin starting September 2018 but will retain his post with ABT. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/09/08/arts/dance/daniil-simkin-joins-staatsballett-berlin.html
  9. Did anyone see Part's performance in Don Quixote? She wasn't listed on the official schedule for Don Q (not sure if Queen of Dryads is normally listed) and the only reports on this site just said it was a nice surprise to see her in the role. I also felt like the farewell was quite hastily done, and I wonder if there's an explanation for it - perhaps either she didn't want a big affair, or since the performance hadn't been advertised as a farewell (even after the program order changed) that management decided not to make it a big affair? All the other celebrations (anniversaries and farewells) were specifically listed in the program as such. Either way, I do wish she had had a better send off more befitting of her long tenure at the company.
  10. My first thought reading his comment was that he was talking about his body, because ballet as a discipline is certainly a form of abuse for the body. I can't speak for him, but I would certainly want to give my body a break to recover after 15 years of dancing.
  11. To Part's credit, she did initially discourage the fan from doing anything and even deleted some of her comments, but the fan went ahead and organized a petition (among other things) anyway. Perhaps now that the news is out there, it almost doesn't matter to her what others decide to do since it's out of her hands. One part of her father's comment that was translated was that usually dancers are warned almost a year before their last performance, which indicates that this was not the case for Veronika.
  12. I think this last point is an important one. While Part does have her fans, I don't get the sense that her performances attract ticket sales the way someone like Vishneva (or even American ballerinas like Murphy or Boylston) would to the general public. When ABT offered discounted subscription tickets for young people or certain membership levels some years ago (not sure if that's still around), they generally offered performances that were deemed not to be very popular. At least one year her Swan Lake was on there, though later on I think no performances of Swan Lake were offered. Part also has the least social media presence among the principal dancers, and that can be a way to cultivate a bigger audience or bring in new fans to the theater. She doesn't attract much publicity at this stage of her career. And of course, not giving her too many performances is itself a vicious cycle, since there are less opportunities for new ballet goers to discover her. I would also assume that her salary isn't low given that she's a fairly senior principal. As disappointed as I am at this turn of events and the treatment she's gotten, if you only look at it from a financial perspective, it does make a certain amount of sense. All that said, I really hope her farewell goes well with extra love and support shown to her and hopefully no disruptions. I was very grateful to have seen her Mozartiana at dress rehearsal last week, which was incredibly lovely, and have wonderful memories of her dazzling Odette/Odile and Nikiya performances. I hope that those who attend will report back to us about tomorrow's performance.
  13. I'm usually not one for super dramatic ballets without a great deal of dancing, but have to say that Onegin pleasantly surprised me. I have seen it before and didn't have great recollections of it, but really enjoyed Ferri/Bolle and Lane/Simkin on Tuesday night, and there was a lot more dancing in it than I remembered. Bolle in particular was spot on in his characterization IMO and very strong in the partnering and lifts with Ferri. Regarding the lineup of programs: what I don't understand is why they brought back Golden Cockerel for a second year. Did they have a two-year rental agreement on the sets/costumes or something? It was nice to see once for the spectacle, but it didn't seem like it sold very well even last year and didn't contain much dancing at all. Would've really loved to see La Fille Mal Gardée again instead, as it's not done too often here and just such a charming ballet amidst all the dramas and tragedies.
  14. I was at the Seo/Gomes performance tonight. Agree with others that Seo's Odette was just beautiful and lyrical and the white swan pas de deux gorgeous. Her Odile started off relatively strong. She was more expressive than I've seen in the past and there were two supported pirouettes that lasted forever (10-12 turns, perhaps helped out by Marcelo) that even garnered a good bit of applause. She also held an unsupported arabesque for quite awhile. There were a couple of messy turns in one variation but nothing major. However, fouettés were not good - there was a small bobble (like she slipped off pointe) near the beginning which probably threw her off, but she managed to keep going for around 20 singles (there might have been one double at the beginning?) - another audience member counted 24. She came out of them a bit awkwardly and exited normally but there was a bit of extra music left. (From the reports of Copeland, it sounded like Copeland's exit looked more awkward.) For what it's worth I've seen Seo do much better in the past, so I think this was just an off night. Usually the end of Odile's fouettés overlap a bit with the beginning of Siegfried's, but in this case she ran off and then Marcelo started his. He didn't have a very long set but they were very clean with some doubles and perhaps even a triple (maybe someone else can confirm) in there, and definitely louder applause for him. I always like Gomes and tonight was no exception. Expressive (just crazy in love after Odile), clean dancing (some very strong turns and neat landings to leaps), effortless partnering, and just as elegantly princely as can be. Seeing him dance made tonight totally worth it for me. Stearns was an okay Purple Rothbart - his dancing was fine but characterization a little bland. I've seen better from him but Gomes is definitely the gold standard for this role. One last thing, the leaps at the end - hers seemed like she just fell off the cliff rather limply, while his leap was absolutely magnificent.
  15. I absolutely agree with this. An anecdotal example: I saw a performance of La Bayadere a few years ago with Cojocaru and Cornejo that Copeland was also in. There were some clearly non-ballet Misty fans in front of me who applauded/cheered loudly at first every time she entered the stage. By the end of the performance, they cheered even louder for Cojocaru. I appreciated their enthusiasm and think Cojocaru definitely won over some new ballet fans that night.
  16. Thank you, nanushka. I saw Part and Gomes partner together in a performance that was in the Gomes documentary, and they looked great together and was curious why they didn't partner each other more often. She has also spoken quite well of him and attended that documentary premiere and they seem quite friendly. But he has been retiring roles lately and is getting older, so it makes sense that he may want to prolong his ballet career for as long as possible and play to his strengths.
  17. Why did they stop partnering each other?
  18. I'll be seeing Shevchenko and Lendorf tomorrow! What a season for unexpected injuries, but also quite exciting to see the soloists' debuts! If Murphy has to pull out of Swan Lake, who could replace her? I would've said Teuscher since she and Gomes partnered at the Kennedy Center, but she's doing the matinee that afternoon, so it seems doubtful they would have her do two performances in one day. Part, if she's recovered?
  19. I meant precisely since they came to ABT, in response to those who said Cirio was promoted faster than anyone before. Both were principals at Boston Ballet, both left to become soloists at ABT, and after one year, both were promoted to principal. Same trajectory.
  20. I've loved seeing Cirio this Met season and am very glad that he's being promoted. Even if he's only done Colas this Met season, he was a principal and has done many leading roles at Boston Ballet. He basically followed the same track as James Whiteside, who was also promoted a year after joining. Cirio is not as short as Cornejo, has good partnering skills and greater range than Simkin, and he's pretty young, so I could see him staying for quite some time. Sad for Sarah Lane, but hopefully she'll be next in line when there's an opening to the female principal roster.
  21. Did anyone save the casting on their computer by chance?
  22. Apparently Jeffrey Cirio is Flipino American too. Given ballet's diversity issue especially in NY (http://www.pointemagazine.com/issues/junejuly-2014/behind-ballets-diversity-problem), perhaps ABT should publicize these promotions along with Misty's. Was anything noted when Hee Seo was promoted? I haven't followed ABT for very long, but was there another Asian ballerina principal before her?
  23. Yes, that was Julie's mother, Jennifer Cox. She was also at Julie's Giselle performance earlier this season. A bit more about her and the Music and Motion program she founded at the Maryland Youth Ballet for children with disabilities: http://www.marylandyouthballet.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/MM-Bethesda-Magazine.pdf
  24. I feel very badly for Hee Seo. She's been such a trouper taking on so many performances, filling in at the last minute for all these cancellations, which must be incredibly physically demanding and exhausting...and yet, she's incurring the wrath of so many simply because she's "not Osipova" or "not Vishneva." So many performances may not have happened if she weren't ready and willing to fill in when others could or would not. She may not be Vishneva/Semionova/Osipova/etc, but she does have some lovely qualities of her own that I'm glad some do appreciate. It signals a bigger problem with management if there is only one person who is able to pick up the slack, which is unfortunate due to the retirements, injuries, and illnesses this season, but Seo herself should not be blamed for this. As an employee for ABT, she has certainly earned her keep, and I do hope she is compensated accordingly. They are both principals, but by this spring season's end, she will have appeared in 18 performances vs. Vishneva's...3.
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