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    Studied ballet for 10 years. Frequent theatre-goer to the Royal, newly moved to NYC.
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  1. akane seems to be progressing through the ranks very quickly. shame that yuhui is still not promoted. it's overdue.
  2. roses

    2015 US Tour

    Yay! I used to live in London, and imo, RB is the top/best ballet company in the world. Now that I live in NYC, the ABT does not measure up.
  3. Congrats to Devon Teuscher! Saw her last week in Swan Lake, she was wonderful.
  4. This is my first time watching an ABT production. Just some observations: The corps were lovely, but a little tired and unengaging on stage. It's my first time seeing Zhong Jing Fang on stage, I always wondered why her career stagnated after her prix de lausanne win and I guess this is why: she's very dull on stage. Great technique, but unengaged and a terrible partner. Marcelo Gomes was wonderful. His technique was amazing but his acting was even better, and his lifts were perfect. Hammoudi had trouble lifting Polina. Polina was a disappointment. Her Odette was...boring. At no point in
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