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  1. In that case I have them keep the leg fairly low until they have developed more turnout. It is not really a popular solution, but I feel that having the correct position is more important than a high leg, and I entirely agree with you about the more forward position not making sense. I think that if they work to improve their turnout with a lower leg, eventually they will get the rotation and height, or at least it will get better.


    Fendrock, thank you for the information and link--I'm glad to see this type of setup can be successful. It's great to look at the pictures (what a fantastic waiting room!) to see how such a school might be arranged.

  2. This port de bras/epaulement seems to be something much more visable in the female dancers... am I wrong?

    No, I don't think you're wrong at all. Of course, men should have port de bras that is just as refined as women's, but there are a few factors that I think make it less noticeable. For one thing, women tend to wear costumes that reveal their arms, whereas men tend to get long sleeves, puffy "poet shirts," &c. Also, women are encouraged to have a more "feminine" (I almost want to say "flamboyant") port de bras than men--they use their wrists more and more their arms in a more delicate manner than men. Men's arms should be no less graceful, but there is usually a weightier quality as well as a sort of noble reserve. It can be more difficult to tell the difference between "masculine" port de bras and just not using one's arms very much. One often sees very nice port de bras from the men of the Kirov, Royal Danish Ballet, and Paris Opera Ballet, and if you are able to see any of these companies live or watch DVD's of them, it may give you a sense of what I mean.

    EDIT: I started this thread in Aesthetic Issues to discuss this issue, as I think it's a very interesting one--thank you for bringing it up!


    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, Scoop! I only just now figured out how to approve comments. I agree with you that the lack of ballet in Baltimore is frustrating, especially given that other arts flourish there. I think your idea of a short workshop is excellent, and I would love to try it. It could be helpful for you and others trying to find good training in Baltimore, and it could also give me some name recognition in the area. :)

    I will talk to some people I know in Baltimore and try to work something out--and if it does happen, I'll post about it here!

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