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  1. 5 hours ago, JuliaJ said:

    I also love Kammermusik. I wasn't crazy about Teresa Reichlen in this recording though. Her style of "attack" is different than Mearns' and she just looked overshadowed. Love her in other leggy modernist ballets though. 

    I think the piece works particularly well when the two female dancers look and move alike, like the performance I saw at NYCB last fall with Unity Phelan and Emilie Gerrity. It was sometimes hard to tell them apart. 

    Felt the same!  I usually love Reichlen but I literally could not stop watching Mearns.

  2. I’m deeply disappointed in ABT.  They used to be my favorite ballet company.  Now, I’d much rather spend my donation dollars at NYCB.  They are doing severe damage to their company by not having a digital presence.  I hope they recover but I’m not sure how much time and money I’ll be spending there when this is over.

  3. I’ll be interested to see what everyone else thinks about Hurlin’s Myrtha  in the spring.

    The only disappointment from yesterday was the corps Willis.  They were a tad off, especially the hopping arabesques.  I could see heads bobbling at different speeds.  Not a horrible performance, just a bit off.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed Ahn and Brandt today (especially Act 2) but the star of the show was Catherine Hurlin.  WOW, she was a phenomenal Myrtha.  Her jumps were so light and airy, she flew across the stage.  She was impressively menacing.  Her portrayal had nuance, honestly probably the best Myrtha I’ve seen from ABT.  

  5. On 3/27/2019 at 1:00 AM, Drew said:

    Weeellll that is now three of the dancers I was most looking forward to seeing off the tour--Tereshkina, Shakirova, and Shklyarov. Since Tereshkina is not injured, I find her absence especially painful.  (I don't know what the story is with Shklyarov...and Shakirova's injury has already been mentioned upthread...)

    I have no complaints about anyone who IS coming--though I could wish the company had another Ali who was as potentially exciting as Kim. 

    Edited because there is no point in worrying about Mariinsky casting until one is in the theater and the curtain up. So I will stick to worrying about my travel plans going smoothly.

    I find it a bit irritating to see Shyklarov is performing with Staatsballet in Diamonds with Somova after pulling out of KC.  Guess he felt he had better things to do. 

  6. On 1/20/2019 at 10:01 AM, cubanmiamiboy said:

    A lifelong of medical career usually places your brain into binary gender mode. You know... working with organs, labs and such. What can I say.

    Understand that this is really off topic now. My apologies.

    Back to Polunin.

    As a pathologist who holds organs in my hands everyday, I disagree with this.  A human heart is a human heart.  I can’t tell what gender someone is by inspecting their heart.   When I’m doing a gross examination of colon cancer, the colon looks identical in both men and women.   And given intersex conditions, even the reproductive track may not help me distinguish.  Binary gender is set by having hormones produced  in the correct ratio, and then strongly influenced by environment and culture.

    Sorry to be off topic.  I am glad to see that Polunin’s posts have been deleted.

  7. Glad I went.  Some bobbles by all 3, but the 3 leads were all great.  Outside of Tiler Peck, Smirnova may be my favorite current dancer.  I thought she was a hauntingly beautiful  Nikiya.

    My only complaints besides the black faced kids (which is completely unnecessary and should be changed) is the camera work during the corps Kingdom of the Shades.  I don’t want to see close up shots during the Shades entrance.  I also was not that impressed with Shrainer or Chapykina’s solos.  But overall, an afternoon well spent!!!!

  8. That trailer is adorable!


    I have tickets for both Balanchine programs on the 26th.  It’ll be my first time back in NYC since I moved to Baltimore last year, so I’m looking forward to it.  The evening Balanchine/Stravinsky program will be my first time viewing all of those ballets.   Will be so nice to have my ballet-loving soul restored by a whole day of Balanchine.

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