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    Mom was ballet teacher and labanotation specialist. I worked at the ballet school.
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  1. I am writing this response 9 years after this was posted (stumbled upon it while doing a Google search). I was a student at the Dance Academy from 1965-1978 and worked there as the evening receptionist from 1976-1978. My mom (different last name than mine) was one of the main ballet teachers there during all those years and worked for Karl Klauser. He was my teacher over the years, although I did occasionally take classes from other teachers as well. I grew up with them all, as they were my mom's co-workers. I believe the studio was sold to Marty Morginsky in the late 70's or early 80's because it was after I left for college in the fall of 78. I do not know what happened to Karl, but I can probably find out. I am no longer involved in dance, but my mom is still alive and very connected to the dance community.
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