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  1. Yes he was with the old Touring Company as well - sad to see his name on an obituary list far too early
  2. Hallo Chrisann My first attempt to respond to your request for information on Graham appears not to have been successful so I will try again. I worked with the Royal Ballet Touring Company (RBTC) when Graham returned to dance after his accident. I was fortunate to look after many of the top male dancers including David Wall, Donald Macleary, David Clarke, Desmond Kelly, Kerrison Cooke, as well as guests such as Nureyev, Richard Cragun, Attilio Labis, and remember Graham as being amongst the best of the best. I am not qualified to offer an opinion of his technical abilities but my then wife who was a contemporary of Graham's from student days confirmed the highly held view of his talent and technique. I understand that on one overseas tour and at the height of his career, he gave a performance of the Bluebird solo from Sleeping Beauty that was so good the audience gave him a standing performance. Additionally they demanded an encore. Jeffrey Taylor the Sunday Times Dance critic mentions Graham in an article in his review of the film "Black Swan - http://www.ballet.co.uk/magazines/yr_11/mar11/jeffery-taylor-black_swan_0111.htm and I can only agree whole heartedly with his sentiments. If I can help with any more details of Graham's career with RBTC, please let me know
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