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  1. I gave a full video of male coda of Saturday matinee in my previous comment. Just for information, Kim doesn't do split jumps (double grand jete entrelace is a right name. "Split", "barrel" - this is ballet slang). in the first part of the coda he does only several single jetes, he doesn't do a pas de ciseaux, nor saut de basque landed on a knee like others, so he in fact had no chance for what you called an error in this particular combination of steps. BTW, was there an error? A performer who posted his Bayadere coda in Instagram is very selective of what he posts, .. they all
  2. In Bayadere coda usually a manege of double assembles en tournant is performed by the male dancer, these steps were introduced by Rudolf Nureyev and since then double grand assembles en tournant have become iconic for male Bayadere coda. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaiJO2BDHJO/ male coda from Saturday matinee (shot from the wings). Why Solor of Friday night chose to replace them by so called “козлы” (goat jump - if translated roughly from Russian) - he only knows. Maybe he wanted to bring some difference, maybe to save some energy… because to do three Bayaderes during one week is n
  3. All right, please, find a better executed one (in your opinion) and we will compare. Anyway it was nice to talk. Thanks. Good day.
  4. So was it a partnering issue or hers? I doubt if it was an issue at all, sorry. Tiny little step. So? That's how about any high lift is supposed to be done. To my eyes - and I saw this adagio many many times previously - it was a perfect lift performed with certain chic, not to mention ease. Here it is and thanks to a wonderful person who captured it Are you sure? Because there is no one hand lift in Shurale! Not to my knowledge. There is a rather tricky lift when Ali Batyr lifts Suimbike up and changes arms position in the air actually and Zyuzin did it all right. You can compare
  5. Sorry, I'm puzzled a lot by this comment. Because it was just impeccable. It was technically fantastic. Well, maybe artistically too. Also I didn't understand what "partnering issue" you mentioned when you talked about Chopiniana, really. There wasn't any. However, I had a little problem with Ulyana doing pas de bourrée instead of some other step, but that was her choice and not an error. Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your impressions. Valuable and interesting.
  6. Andrey Ermakov. Or Andrei Yermakov, either will do. Thanks to all for very interesting reviews and comments.
  7. Sorry, but Titania doesn't dance with Oberon in this production. She is partnered by Titania's cavalier (the whole scene at Titania's place, 1st act) and then has a little encounter with a character named Bottom. So apparently Titania's cavalier "partnered Lopatkina very well and they had a good chemistry", as you said. Am I right? Picture by John Ross
  8. Sorry for interfering, but actually that Friday night Andrei Yermakov was dancing Rothbart. He appeared as Rothbart four times: January 28, 30, 31 and February 2. Thanks for sharing your impressions.
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