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  1. Has anyone received the e-mail for the Waiting at the Station video, scheduled for 6/5? Or was the date changed? I really appreciate PNB doing this. I enjoyed watching the 2014 Giselle premiere with Kaori Nakamura and Carrie Imler.
  2. Unfortunately this rep and The Beauty and the Beast student performances are now cancelled due to the governor's order to prohibit gatherings of more than 250 people due to COVID-19: https://www.pnb.org/aboutpnb/health-update/ I was really looking forward to seeing this rep. ☹️
  3. Just saw that Sarah Villwock (coming from NYCB) is now listed as a corps de ballet member. Henry Cotton is no longer listed, I'm assuming his photography business is doing well.
  4. Juliet Prine was great in her Dewdrop debut on 12/7. I hadn't checked the casting again, so it was a nice surprise to also see Angelica Generosa and Price Suddarth.
  5. I'm curious how many casting permutations have happened, since the program showed Sarah Ricard Orza being coached by Carrie Imler. Hope she is doing okay. I missed her Odette/Odile debut in Swan Lake last year, so would have liked to see her as Aurora. Enjoyed the Saturday 2/2 evening performance. I always enjoy watching Leta Biasucci. Elizabeth Murphy was a lovely Lilac Fairy.
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