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  1. Peter Boal announced 3 promotions during the First Look to the Future virtual gala: Cecilia Iliesiu to soloist Angelica Generosa to principal Dylan Wald to principal All well deserved! Kuu Sakuragi is listed in the corps. It looks like Calista Ruat and Madison Taylor have left, did I miss anyone?
  2. I liked the program better on my second viewing. Definitely had a better appreciation of the different camera angles in Wonderland and how the theater was used. Anyone else super impressed with Kyle Davis's solo in Waterbaby Bagatelles? 😀 I found Arms complex and was glad that they included recordings of Peter Boal with Jim Kent and Ezra Thomson with Sarah Pasch. Separately, did anyone watch This Space Intentionally Left Blank by Amanda Morgan? I am wondering how long it took to put the whole work together.
  3. Has anyone received the e-mail for the Waiting at the Station video, scheduled for 6/5? Or was the date changed? I really appreciate PNB doing this. I enjoyed watching the 2014 Giselle premiere with Kaori Nakamura and Carrie Imler.
  4. Unfortunately this rep and The Beauty and the Beast student performances are now cancelled due to the governor's order to prohibit gatherings of more than 250 people due to COVID-19: https://www.pnb.org/aboutpnb/health-update/ I was really looking forward to seeing this rep. ☚ī¸
  5. Just saw that Sarah Villwock (coming from NYCB) is now listed as a corps de ballet member. Henry Cotton is no longer listed, I'm assuming his photography business is doing well.
  6. Juliet Prine was great in her Dewdrop debut on 12/7. I hadn't checked the casting again, so it was a nice surprise to also see Angelica Generosa and Price Suddarth.
  7. I'm curious how many casting permutations have happened, since the program showed Sarah Ricard Orza being coached by Carrie Imler. Hope she is doing okay. I missed her Odette/Odile debut in Swan Lake last year, so would have liked to see her as Aurora. Enjoyed the Saturday 2/2 evening performance. I always enjoy watching Leta Biasucci. Elizabeth Murphy was a lovely Lilac Fairy.
  8. Two new apprentices are listed in the Nutcracker program: Nancy Casciano and Nicole Rizzitano. Congratulations!
  9. I also have mixed feelings about switching to the Balanchine Nutcracker. It sounds like they're hoping for some interest with new sets by Ian Falconer. I took my 5-year old son to see the Stowell/Sendak Nutcracker for his first time in December, and he loved it (also was my first time seeing this production live -- saw the movie version ages ago). He's still talking about it 2 months later. I agree it would be more interesting to see different versions; when I lived in DC, one had the option between whoever came to the Kennedy Center on tour or the Washington Ballet's version. For the upcomin
  10. Saw the 2/8 evening performance with Rachel Foster as Aurora and Batkhurel Bold as Prince Florimund, which I really enjoyed. I think some people left early due to the snow, but it looked like seats were at least 80% filled. Here are my brief thoughts: Prologue -- I thought Lindsi Dec's performance as the Lilac Fairy was good, but needed more presence. I didn't feel as much that she was "in charge." The fairies' solos were generally strong, but Emma Love Suddarth as the Fairy of Beauty looked a little stiff to me. I wonder why audiences usually laugh at the Fairy of Joy's solo? Timothy Lynch's
  11. Today's Seattle Times story is mostly about PNB retiring the Stowell/Sendak "Nutcracker" after the 2014 season, but also mentions the upcoming 2014-2015 season: Rep 1: Jewels Rep 2: Director's Choice (A Million Kisses to My Skin - David Dawson/Rassemblement - Nacho Duato/premieres from Anna Lopez Ochoa - Before After, and from Justin Peck) Rep 3: tentatively Don Quixote, per the PNB website Rep 4: All Forsythe (it looks like 2 premieres, plus In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated) Rep 5: Romeo et Juliette Rep 6: Carmina Burana, Ratmansky's Concerto DSCH and Jose Limon's The Moor's Pavane Interesti
  12. I ended up not going to the dress rehearsal or the Sunday matinee, so am interested to hear Jayne's review!
  13. New to this forum (have attended PNB performances for about 5 years or so) with a question for those who have gone to the Thursday dress rehearsals -- typically which cast will dance? I'm on the fence about going since it's longer and I have to be at work early on Friday. I have tickets to see Foster/Bold on the 2nd Saturday evening, but am debating also going this Sunday to see Leta Biasucci (and 50% off!).
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