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  1. In his performance with Lane, Simkin did an impressively clean and high set of entrechat six in Act 2. Incredible technique and endurance, and effective in that he was all-out dancing to death.
  2. Nanushka I cannot tell you whether anyone did in fact get a refund, but plenty were asking for their money back. I don't know what the official policy is about refunds. The audience applauded Brandt on her first entrance, and during the final curtain calls there was a standing ovation and enthusiastic cheering. I would not say there was anything muted about the response. It was a very very good performance.
  3. We went to last night's performance when the website announced Brandt would be dancing. Plenty of Copeland fans were queueing for ticket refunds, but many did stay, and we spoke to several who said they were glad they stayed. Brandt was very well-rehearsed, and especially good in the second act. It was hard to believe this was a debut. She may have been a tad conservative in Act 1, as you had the feeling she could have sailed around in multiple turns, especially the attitude turns in her variation, but she kept it clean and under control. She did have some nice sustained balances. Her t
  4. Indiana Woodward did a lovely job with her variation in Bournonville on Thursday. Wish I could have seen her in La Sylphide today. How was she?
  5. kika

    2015 US Tour

    Last night, Thursday, we saw the cast with Steven McRae and Iana Salenko. He has wonderful jumps and turns and presence, and seems to be a natural and buoyant dancer. Salenko was lovely, but maybe not what you'd think of when you imagine Kitri. But her dancing was nearly flawless, with a lyrical fineness and detail, and beautiful lines. Her fouettes were pretty and strong and fluent, and she had one especially impressive balance in the pas de deux. I enjoyed her dancing but every so often missed the kind of attack I associate with Kitri. As much as we enjoyed Nunez on opening night, we en
  6. kika

    2015 US Tour

    We saw the opening night performance with Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta. I enjoyed Nunez as she has beautiful solid technique, and on top of it a wonderful musicality. She also danced with exuberance and really performed. She makes her Kitri personable and memorable, and had good playful chemistry with Acosta. The Amour, Meaghan Grace Hinkis, was crisp, fast, musical and playful. A perfect Amour. I admire the effort to restage Don Q, and there were some enjoyable new moments, including some guitar playing music. But I did think the stage was busy and crowded at times, especially whe
  7. I attended Saturday afternoon. Thank you for calling attention to the mistake. Will correct it.
  8. Saturday matinee in Spectre, Selina and Latypov created a really charming well-expressed bit of theatre. At one point she is in a dreamy trance and he is leading her around, some kind of playful, strangely powerful influence on her, engaging her dream state/unconscious. The Rose seems a tricky role to navigate, and he made it fascinating without being camp or ridiculous. Both danced well, and Latypov appears to be a gifted natural performer. Selina projects well, even when she is in a trance. They were delightful to watch. The Saturday afternoon Paquita was, overall, the best of the three
  9. Natalia, Kimin did dance Spectre on Wednesday, as scheduled. I don't want to say he was underwhelming exactly. It's just that I had seen him in rehearsals lfor other roles ast year, and maybe my expectations were high. On this visit many of the dancers looked like they were "spent". Also Spectre needs a kind of fabulous compelling presence from the male lead, and an ease. Regarding Latypov: he looks like he is in a special category. It's exciting to spot someone who seems to have such promise. He is still somewhat coltish, but a pleasure for the fine classical technique. The casting l
  10. I attended the performances Weds Jan 28 and Thurs Jan 29. Wednesday: I thought Rite of Spring might be interesting as part of a special "themed" evening placing it in a context. It was probably ambitious and bold to lead with it this way on a bill with Swan and Spectre and Paquita. Many in the audience seemed unprepared for it, and were bewildered and disappointed. I wish I had read up on it beforehand. But honestly I did get tired of it, and was relieved when it ended. On the other hand, I find myself thinking about it off and on, and wondering about it, so it was provocative. In Spec
  11. Am also looking forward to reading reviews!
  12. I saw last night's performance with Somova and Shklyarov and also the afternoon rehearsal with Kolegova and Zyuzin. Had not seen Somova dance in the last three years. She's developed artistically. Her Odette was elegant and emotional, and very detailed. Many individual moments where she used everything-- arms, head, eyes and tempo--to express Odette. She has more control of her flexibilty, and made use of it with some exquisitely felt attitudes and a really perfect yearning stretch of upper body. I don't know if it was always there, but she has a glamorous stage presence and I noti
  13. Thank you for the info Carbro. (I suppose I should get to work on the 10 "substantive" posts...)
  14. Hi, I m new here, and so interested to read all your posts and opinions (many different opinions!). Am writing because am wondering if anyone has a ticket they might be selling for the Mariinsky Swan Lake open rehearsal, January 28th at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. It seems it's all sold out, but if someone finds they have a ticket they won't be using, would be delighted to buy it, even last minute could work. Thank you, and look forward to visiting this site to read the posts about Swan Lake!
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