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  1. RE: "Clearly, being a quick study is a plus as you are on your way up." Definitely! I can't tell you how many roles with little rehearsal my dancer's been thrown into with new partners unfamiliar to her or the role. This happens a lot to the younger dancers who are apprentices as they are essentially understudies. Being able to pick up choreography fast, teach it to a partner, and perform under pressure are her norm.
  2. These are all really great examples. I guess it's why they say "The show must go on."
  3. This topic is interesting and my timing on finding it is uncanny. My daughter was just accepted to the School of American Ballet summer Intensive (feeder school to NYCB). An older, professional dancer in her company told her not to go there. Based on girls who had returned from the program the summer prior, she said it would ruin her port de bras! I never noticed before but now I'll pay attention.
  4. Part 2 of the interview with Pittsburgh Ballet principal Julia Erickson and former dancer Aaron Ingley is now available. In this Episode (26) they talk about their endeavor into the energy bar business and offer advice to aspiring young dancers.
  5. The emotional and mental part of overcoming injury and managing the fear of injury is a large and unseen factor for every dancer. Especially after the first injury, it can be quite the struggle for a dancer to regain their confidence in the studio and on the stage.
  6. Both have appeared with a new ballet company called Crystal Ballet that produces new works specifically for digital download. The company's first release was a four-part production called Genesis that featured dancers from The Royal Ballet (including Sarah Lamb and Steven McCrae), The English Ballet and Kobberg from the Royal Danish Ballet.
  7. It's not too late to ask! We had to reschedule her interview and will be talking to her in a few weeks. Please let us know what you'd like to know!
  8. Thank you bart. I'm so glad you enjoyed the podcast. They're a labor of love for us. Thus far, my personal favorite has been Tiits Helimets, though they're all really interesting and giving. I hope you like it too!
  9. Balancing Pointe is broadcasting the first of a two-part interview with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre principal Julia Erickson and former dancer Aaron Ingley. They are the co-creators and owners of the energy snack bar, Barre: Real Food Bar. Available free as Balancing Pointe on iTunes podcasts, Stitcher Radio and at the Balancing Pointe website: http://www.Balancingpointe.com
  10. Thank you! Glad to be here.
  11. Yes, MDT has a great reputation. She's been a student there for several years. She has appeared in several of their company productions for the past three years and it's been a wonderful learning experience and adventure for her. This is the first year she has a contract though, and I'm thrilled for her.
  12. You may be interested to know that Balancing Pointe interviewed Olivia Boisson recently for a podcast. It's available free on iTunes podcasts, Episode #16. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/balancingpointe-journey-into/id764593885?mt=2
  13. I'm excited to be a part of this forum. I'm the parent of a 16 year old ballet dancer and have been a (quiet) member the BT4D site for a few years. My daughter is a contract apprentice with a small dance company in Minneapolis, Minnesota Dance Theatre. While always a fan and once a recreational dancer myself, through her, I've developed a deeper interest in all things Ballet and an appreciation for the hard work and discipline that are a must to achieve the beauty of the art. As such, I feel better qualified to participate in this forum because now I'm also the co-producer of a relatively new podcast called Balancing Pointe. The podcast is hosted by my co-producer, Kimberly Falker. For my part, I coordinate and write the corresponding website. Together we broadcast interviews with professionals in the ballet world via iTunes podcasts, (and other means) in order to share their inspiring journeys.
  14. Helene, Thank you for listening to Balancing Pointe and for bringing it to this forum! It's been a labor of love for us and we have enjoyed bringing these amazing stories to the public. Our hope is that we are helping to bring ballet and dance to a wider audience while providing guidance to aspiring dancers. We have many more in the works and hope you will continue to listen in. With gratitude, MargePorter
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