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  1. Thanks for the explanations - I don't follow figure skating that closely, so I was a bit confused.
  2. Last night, one of the announcers said something about a new rule allowing women to wear pants. I thought that I remembered Debbie Thomas wearing a unitard at the Olympics, several Olympics ago. Am I confused, or is this not a new rule?
  3. I'm only aware of one of the three; indeed it is Angela Snow.
  4. Yes, thanks! I grew up in the Bay Area going to SFB's Nut, and I miss going now, so it's nice to hear about the new production. The reason that my daughter is a dancer today is because I took her to see SFB's Nut when she was three (yes, she was quiet!). I remember being fascinated, years ago, because Mother Ginger's skirt was a giant house, and "smoke" came out of the chimney!
  5. floss, so sorry, I never saw your post until today! I liked Weir's book, although it was more about Eleanor's family and the times than about Eleanor. There is so little actually known about her, it seems, but a lot of incorrect information and conjecture, which Weir tries to correct. It was good, though. Eleanor WAS a pretty remarkable person, wasn't she? Should I read Marion Meade's?
  6. Wow, vagansmom, pretty impressive list. So far this summer I've reread 14 of Dorothy Dunnett's historical novels (Niccolo and Lymond series), and just finished Alison Weir's Eleanor of Aquitaine. I'm reading (at) Eats, Shoots & Leaves(love it!), and just found The Young Wan by Brendan O'Carroll (prequel to The Mammy, The Chisellers, and The Granny), which I didn't even know he'd written until I found it by chance yesterday. I almost bought The Jane Austen Book Club, but bought O'Carroll's book instead.
  7. Well, in the interview it sounded more like Radcliffe was just giving his opinion, not that he had any insider information. I'd actually be pretty shocked if she killed Harry off, even though she's sort of implied it...
  8. In an interview, Daniel Radcliffe said that he thinks that Ron and Hermione will end up together, and that his character will die.
  9. I've also heard that the three lead actors may be replaced in the later movies simply because of their ages, but don't understand the reasoning here. There are countless examples of older actors playing younger characters in film. Actors in their twenties routinely play teens, so what's the problem with keeping the Harry Potter "trio" as is?
  10. liebs, thank you! Someone else who's read Dorothy Dunnett. I just reread the Niccolo series, and I'm on book 2 of the Lymond series - again. I've read and reread them several times, but they're so detailed that I can't remember anything but the most important points, which makes rereading them much more interesting, of course.
  11. I think Derek Jacobi helps. Another (rare) series that I felt lived up to the books was Cadfael.
  12. minty, I got most of my daughter's Drina books at www.abebooks.com . They have many dealers working with them, and I was able to find all of the missing books within about 3 weeks. So if you can't find them through amazon (which would help to support this site), you might want to give them a try. Good luck!
  13. I WISH that I'd been there to report, Watermill! Thanks for yours...one of these days I'll make it up to Portland.
  14. There are eleven Drina books, all out of print, I believe, but available used. Be warned, though, that some that were published in the US were published under different titles than in the UK. I found this out when I bought some online and realized that I already had them. I believe that books three and four are under different names; in the US, books called Drina Dances on Stage and Drina Dances Alone are called, in the UK, Drina Dances in Italy and Drina Dances in Exile. I THINK! My daughter took all the books when she moved out, so I can't check for sure. Maybe a Drina expert can back me up here...
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