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  1. stacey calvert. she made every performance so much more exciting.
  2. I will certainly remember Alexandra Ansanelli's debut in Rubies. She was absolutely fantastic in this role, her dancing was dynamic and Damion was a great partner for her. They have such chemistry onstage and always bring down the house. I don't think anyone else in the part measured up. I look foward to seeing her grow in the part.
  3. I agree about Weese. While she was lovely, she didn't mesmerize me as she usually does, and I too felt that she was out of place in this role. Perhaps with time she will settle into it. Any suggestions on who would be great in it? I think that Korbes would be wonderful.
  4. Just got back from tonight's performance of Jewels. I was so happy that the casting remained intact and there were no last minute changes. Ringer was fabulous in Emeralds, as was Weese. Rubies was definitely a crowd pleaser. Ansanelli was great, she had amazing chemistry with Woetzel and looked like she was having a wonderful time with the role. Reichlen surprised me, although she was shaky at times, she is a beautiful girl with gorgeous long legs. She is definitely someone to watch in the future. Kowrowski and Neal were incredible in Diamonds, Maria's legs are beautiful to watch and her upper body has gotten much more relaxed, her port de bras much more beautiful recently. Neal's turns were fantastic and his jumps were high and light. The only problem that I had with the performance was that the corps was not together in any of the sections, it looked as if they were underrehearsed or that they were not trying to dance as one at all. On a side note, the person I went with, who has never seen Balanchine performed, commented after Emeralds that in the pas de deux it seemed as if the man wasn't there at all, the woman was the focus and he was an invisible presence. I think Balanchine would be proud.
  5. I also attended the Dec. 11th performance. The standout for me was Weese's Dewdrop. Absolutely beautiful. Weese does not just have flawless technique, she dances with such attack and command, she is simply breathtaking. I was not as impressed with Borree. While her performance was good, she did not look strong and she seemed to be holding on to Hubbe for dear life in the pas de deux. It was as if you had to be worried about whether or not she would get through her variation and the pas de deux, you couldn't just sit back and enjoy her dancing. Janie Taylor was wonderful in Flowers, she just keeps getting more and more pleasant to watch. Glenn Keenan and Alina Dronova were standouts in Marzipan for their beautiful smiles and crisp legwork. Carrie Lee Riggins, however, I was expecting more from. She seemed to be struggling to get through the piece, and did not look strong at all. While she is beautiful to watch and has gorgeous legs and lines, something was missing in her performance last night. She simply didn't look strong enough to be dancing the lead, especially with four girls behind her who have very strong foot and legwork. All in all it was a very good performance for the first I have seen all season.
  6. Thank you soooo much. I love hearing reviews of MCB. Glad to see the company is doing so well.
  7. does anyone know where the casting for the Russian Nights program can be found. i don't think it is on the website, and PNB usually posts the casting. thanks.
  8. i read dancing on my grave when i was very young, probably about 11 or 12. it did not turn me off from gelsey or ballet in any way. in fact, i thought it was extremely well written and that she tried to be as honest as possible with her audience and herself, though some may disagree with a great deal of what was written. i also thought she was very brave in doing so. every few years i re-read the book because i love it so much. however, i do agree that not all young dancers should read this book, but i also believe that some will benefit greatly and that it is a worthwhile read for a mature teenage dancer.
  9. from what i have been hearing about sylve, she should be great in slaughter. anyone who sees it please post. there are those of us that have to be away from new york (and miss seeing nycb), and we just live for posts on performances. so keep them coming!
  10. did anyone attend the dec 6th daytime performance? if so could you tell me how britanny reid was as flora? i think she is a beautiful dancer and very talented and was wondering how she handled the role. thanks.
  11. once, when christopher walken hosted saturday night live, in the opening sequence he was dancing and allegra kent came out of the audience and started dancing with him. they did a little waltz together and them some over the top ballet steps to get off the stage. it was actually quite funny.
  12. carla should be a wondeful sugarplum. unfortunately i won't be able to see that performance so i hope that anyone that attends will post some comments. (i am in england for the year and have been going through nycb withdrawal)
  13. i also don't see abi stafford being cast much, has she been injured? its nice to see alexandra ansanelli doing so many sugarplums though, i love her in that role.
  14. i think that with time carla korbes would make a particularly wonderful Siren. I also agree that Ash and Ansanelli would be great as well. my bet is that ansanelli will get a crack at it.
  15. PLEASE keep the reviews from SPAC coming!!! It is so nice to be able to read the posts, especially since I can't be there to see the performances. Anyone have any thoughts about the debuts in "Raymonda Variations"? I would love to hear what everyone who has seen the perfomances thinks. Thanks!
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