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  1. Paul Sutherland and Brunilda Ruiz were at the memorial service for George Tomal last night. Although I didn't have a chance to talk at length with them, they both looked well. Such kind and caring people. I studied with Paul at New Jersey Ballet School at the same time that I was taking class with Mr. Tomal. It always gave me a reason to get through my day at work, and I looked forward so much to going to class in the evenings! Two really classy gentlemen.
  2. George Tomal - "Mr. Tomal" to his devoted and loving students - died on Monday, February 11, 2008. Obituary by Robert Johson in the Star Ledger: http://www.nj.com/deaths/ledger/index.ssf?....xml&coll=1 From the New Jersey Ballet website: http://www.njballet.org/news/news_tomal.asp We will miss him greatly..... Carolyn Lewis (chat de pas)
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