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  1. Wonderful! Thank you SO much, and happy birthday!
  2. Dear Balletgoal - I see that the Gramilano blog now has the complete program
  3. Thanks Balletgoal. There is some info about the program under "Who are you bring­ing over with you and what will they dance?" I am bring­ing two ladies who are cur­rently my part­ners here in Ams­ter­dam: Igone de Jongh — the Muse of Van Manen — will dance Replay with me with cho­reo­graphy by my Dir­ector Ted Brand­sen which was espe­cially cre­ated for Igone and me. It was the first time work­ing on a new piece with Ted and Igone but it worked out very well and we had a lot of fun doing it. I have a very strong con­nec­tion with Igone and, in terms of our bod­ies, we are very sim­ilar. She will also dance a piece by Hans Van Manen. Vic­toria Anan­yan is my second part­ner, who has a crazy per­son­al­ity which is very close to my soul. She is very fem­in­ine and sen­sual and so we will dance one of the pieces I love the most: Fokine’s Sheherazade. Went­ing Guan and James Stout are two beau­ti­ful Soloists who are mak­ing their début in Swan Lake just before the per­form­ance at Teatro Salieri, and the final two are the couple from the La Scala Bal­let School who are beau­ti­ful, young and fresh, and make me remem­ber when I was in their place going around Italy with my dear friend Mara Galeazzi.
  4. He left an interview last week about his work with the company and announced a 3-week tour of Spain: http://www.gramilano.com/2014/08/julio-bocca-national-ballet-uruguay/
  5. Diana Vishneva says: "I am painfully aware that this change in leadership of our legendary school could be a bargaining chip in someone's political game, and does not have any relation to the good of the Academy." adding, "I'd like to believe that this is not the end of a great school." Brava!!! Courage to speak her mind! http://www.gramilano.com/2013/10/diana-vishneva-outraged-appointment-tsiskaridze-vaganova-academy/
  6. Nikolay Tsis­karidze has been appoin­ted Prin­cipal of the Vag­an­ova Bal­let Academy, and Uly­ana Lopatk­ina will be its new Artistic Director, announced Cul­ture Min­is­ter Vladi­mir Med­ina this morning. http://www.gramilano.com/2013/10/tsiskaridze-principal-lopatkina-new-artistic-director-vaganova-academy/
  7. Found another review from the Corriere della Sera, but it's not online (yet). Not favourable for Claudio Coviello saying that he doesn't have the physique du role, and Osipova didn't have enough energy to play off so she was not up to usual standards. I heard very different stories from a couple of friends who were there though. The critic basically told him to change repertory, which seems a bit harsh/arrogant :-(
  8. I feel bold as a new girl starting a new topic. I came to see if someone had seen Natalia Osipova's début in Nureyev's version of Swan Lake at La Scala? I found only one blog review but as yet no other news
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