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  1. Zara Baroyan is the pianist for Sarasota Ballet. The conductor is Ormsby Wilkins.
  2. The problem with a mediocre performance is, that if you are a member of the general public, you may forgo spending discretionary income and time on another performance of , at best, that particular work ever again, and at worst , any other work by a given choreographer , company etc. The Boylston/Simkin “unfortunate” performance has now been removed by the user, but it was instructive in how important casting mistakes and lack of coaching is. I would rather see Ballanchine at ABT than a lot of the works in the autumn season, but then ABT needs dedicated coaching.
  3. There is a Fourth of July sale on tickets for Program 6: Ashton’s Apparitions and and Ballanchine’ Stars and Stripes throughout the month of July.
  4. I am partial to live performances but recently went (reluctantly) to a Met opera live in a theater, and it is such a completely different but also rich experience that it merits to see the same production both ways. What is amazing is that it is transmitted all over the world. There are transmissions of the Royal Ballet as well as some Russian ones in NY - has anyone gone to one?
  5. I think I finally undestand McKenzie’s ukase banning filming - if you could post on youtube brilliant performances by people held back from promotions there would be pressure to change the artistic direction at ABT, while sales would fall for performers not based on merit. How does this policy affect “fresh blood”? Is it NYC that has such pull that people disregard the difficulty or does hope spring eternal?
  6. Grateful for the suggestions on this board to see Lane's debut. This casting was perfect, including the happy addition of Forster. I love his wit and intelligence as many good dancers are so regretfully bland. I wish he were made principal, i dont get this moaning about lack of men leads, if the problem is the management.
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