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  1. That would make sense to me! I guess my difficulty there was the contrast between the scene where Rudolf asks Mitzi to join in the suicide pact—that part seems quite clear—juxtaposed with the ambiguity of her possible betrayal. Thank you for the rest of the information in your post. It’s been a while since I’ve read in-depth about the Mayerling incident and so I can’t remember what information came to light after MacMillian’s work premiered. I do remember that Twilight of Empire suggested that Rudolf was trying to break things off with Mary and didn’t want her at the lodge... It’s so int
  2. In case this helps anyone, I found it: the original article is about Alexandra Ansanelli's career, and it references this survey, which states, "We know of no other occupation that requires such extensive training, that is held in such esteem as a contribution to culture, and that pays so little."
  3. A bit delayed, but I'd like to post my impressions of the Saturday Mayerling! A few months ago I was entranced by the televised McRae/Lamb performance and jumped at the chance to see Mayerling in person. I chose Saturday night mainly for my love of Sarah—the rest of the cast was, I think, almost the same as the televised version, with the exception of Matthew Ball. I read great reviews of his debut last year and was excited to see his take on the role. He was absolutely fantastic—his agony and hurt were so palpable. He was so sympathetic by the end, in fact, I found it hard to square his
  4. Hello! Some months or years ago, I found a link on BA! to an article about dancers' retirement (with many quotes from former dancers) that referenced an academic report claiming that, out of all working artists, ballet dancers have the highest number of training years under their belt yet the lowest compensation. I've tried a bunch of Google and BA! searches to no avail. If either the article or the report rings a bell for anyone, please let me know! Thanks so much!
  5. What? This is really splitting hairs. "Dancer" is her profession. As someone who has been "19" as well as 20, I can't think of a discernible difference between the two.
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