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  1. If the case goes to trial, will the explicit photos and videos be presented to the jury (and anyone else observing the trial)?
  2. I also keep wondering what Lauren Lovette meant by this statement in that same IG post: "Encourage one another. ❤️ real strength is refining yourself.... Not bringing your sister down."
  3. If you click on the photo you'll see tags to each dancer's IG account. So, from left to right: India Bradley, Tiler Peck, Unity Phelan, Lauren Lovette, and Miriam Miller.
  4. Lauren Lovette alludes to the complaint in her latest IG post. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnmhF6KAuG4/?hl=en&taken-by=laurenlovette
  5. If defendants Finlay and NYCB choose to settle rather than respond to the complaint (I realize that NYCB refused to settle before the complaint was filed), would the settlement absolve them from having to admit or deny the allegations and institute organizational reforms, and will Waterbury waive her rights to pursue criminal charges?
  6. Ashley Bouder is implying that the culture of sexual harassment definitely exists at NYCB, as Waterbury claims.
  7. I think we're both splitting hairs. It seems obvious to me that "parties", in the context of the paragraph mentioning the donor, implied New York City Ballet sponsored events. But we can disagree.
  8. Yes, but most probably high level nonetheless. According to paragraph 27 of the complaint, the donor routinely gave speeches while drunk.
  9. Yes of course, I didn't mean to imply that you weren't aware of the scope of the scandal. I just wanted to elaborate on how this complaint is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm just waiting for Alastair Macaulay to opine on this mess. I'm sure he'll have something to say about the ideal qualifications of new AD.
  10. It's indeed tricky to pin liability on the New York City Ballet, but surely NYCB would identified the other participants in the emails in the course of its investigation. Why were there only two suspensions and one resignation? That doesn't support NYCB's assertion that "appropriate action" had been taken and that the matter's closed as far as the organization is concerned.
  11. The scandal extends far beyond Finlay, Catazaro, and Ramasar. There were several unnamed male dancers and at least one donor who participated in the emails, according to the complaint.
  12. Here's the official statement from the Gothamist: NYC Ballet released a statement, "New York City Ballet is confident that there is no basis for this lawsuit, and vehemently denies the allegations that the Company has condoned, encouraged, or fostered the kind of activity that Mr. Finlay and the others named have participated in, which were off-hours activities that were not known, approved, or facilitated by NYCB. Despite that, once NYCB was made aware of the allegations we investigated them and found that the actions had violated the Company’s norms of conduct, and immediate and appropriate action was taken. NYCB learned of this matter directly from the plaintiff’s attorney, Jordan Merson, in June of this year. Merson had contacted NYCB to try to negotiate a payment from the Company to settle the matter to avoid adverse publicity, but NYCB refused the demand. NYCB has no liability for the actions specified in the complaint and has taken the appropriate disciplinary actions for the dancers involved."
  13. I can't help wondering what Ashley Bouder will say about this eventually. She's the much admired, and vocal, feminist among the female principals, as profiled in the New York Times.
  14. The last few comments on Ramasar's most recent IG post are not so supportive.
  15. What's confusing is that the exact same "half a kilo" quote is attributed to a donor (paragraph 27, in reference to "ABT girls"), and another NYCB male principal (paragraph 55, in reference to NYCB female dancers).
  16. On the contrary, according to paragraphs 52-54 of the complaint, Amar sent Finlay the photo of a bare chested female ballet dancer, and "the two continued to exchange several sexual and naked photographs of female Ballet members on that day and at one point, Mr. Finlay noted how he had 'Already seen that one. l know you have more'." If this is true, then Amar's behavior is equally reprehensible.
  17. I assumed it's a different Craig Hall in the email chain since there were no other suspensions or resignations. Catazaro and Ramasar were specifically named as recipients of the emails and photos from Finlay.
  18. Waterbury is 19, according to the Daily News article. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny-metro-ballerina-lawsuit-nude-photos-20180905-story.html Plaintiff Alexandra Waterbury, 19, detailed how top male performers and other men affiliated with the group surreptitiously snapped sexually explicit photos of ballerinas or secretly shot video of sexual acts with co-workers — and freely shared them in a group chat.
  19. That's what makes the lawsuit so disturbing, that this type of behavior is considered normal at the New York City Ballet, that even donors expected this stuff from the male principals.
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