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  1. I know this is only available to audiences who reside in Russia. Otherwise everyone has to go to the cinema to see it.
  2. Chudin was injured for a few months apparently.
  3. Casting is up for the cinema broadcast on Sunday, Jan 26: CASTGiselle: Olga SmirnovaCount Albrecht: Artemy BelyakovBerthe, Giselle’s Mother: Anna AntropovaHans, The Gamekeeper: Denis SavinGiselle’s Friends: Xenia Averina, Bruna Cantanhede Galianone, Anonina Chapkina,Olga Kishnyova, Elizabeta Kruteleva, Yulia Skvortsova, Tatiana Tiliguzova, Alexandra TrikozPeasant Pas de Deux: Daria Khokhlova, Alexei PutintsevBathilde: Nelli KobakhidzeMyrtha: Angelina VlashinetsMoina: Xenia ZhiganshinaZulma: Anastasia Denisova
  4. I'd say this is a pretty accurate assessment. These trailers and videos with interviews are shot almost a year in advance of any kind of casting decisions made by the Bolshoi. Many times, the casting of the shoots is done according to who is available, and who knows the choreography. Same with interviews - some dancers are just more comfortable than others speaking about their roles.
  5. It's not Vaziev's job to only give opportunity to the principal dancers who have danced these roles since 2008. His job includes preparing the theatre for future generations. And Obratzsova and Shipulina are hardly excellent choices for Jeanne.
  6. If you remember correctly, Krysanova was not supposed to dance Corsaire for instance. Smirnova was. She was listed in the cast list. Then she pulled out and Krysanova was put in. This was followed by Krysanova's encore of Taming of the Shrew, and of course she was in Romeo and Juliet which I'm sure Ratmansky and Vaziev collectively decided on once production started on this ballet. The cinema season titles are planned way in advance of casting decisions. Point is, things change in a theatre no matter how much you try to plan ahead. I don't think anyone doubts that the Bolshoi is good or n
  7. I think it is positive to show other dancers during the broadcasts. This may not have been the "best" cast but otherwise we would have a cinema season only of Krysanova for this season. I would think the Bolshoi management is aware of that. It shows the range of the company and what others have to offer in a role. I see many people on this forum and social media complaining that too much of one dancer in a cinema season leaves everyone bored. It's exciting to see fresh faces, rising talent that can sustain a production like Margarita did yesterday in some ballets and of course mature, experie
  8. Corps de ballet member Margarita Shrainer will be dancing as Jeanne in the broadcast, I believe the first time a corps dancer takes the lead in a broadcast. Pretty amazing! She will dance with Igor Tsvirko. Full cast list here: https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/235/roles/#20180304180000
  9. Here is Smirnova discussing the ballet. Nice to hear some fresh thoughts:
  10. DD6948

    Olga Smirnova

    Olga will be dancing the live broadcast of the Bolshoi's Sleeping Beauty on Sunday, Jan 22 in cinemas! Her Prince will be Semyon Chudin bolshoiballetincinema.com
  11. Based on instagram photos on Obraztsova's account, it appears that she is pregnant so I doubt she will be on stage in the beginning of the cinema season. Also, Pathe Live/Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema just released the season trailer! I love the tango scene from Golden Age, it has such beautiful music from Shostakovich.
  12. I think it's really exciting to see an unexpected cast, especially since we don't often get to see Chudin in the broadcasts in leading roles. He's fantastic and so is Krysanova. Also noticed that Smirnova will make her debut as Kitri on April 9! Super exciting to see fresh faces in DQ.
  13. Fair enough. I do follow this thread actually and noted that you made a decisive point about missing the past few broadcasts solely because of Zakharova and then explain in detail how you then decided to "hack" the youtube link, and just insult everyone anyway. I do respect everyone has their own opinion. It's not really about depriving anyone of tickets, it's about supporting an initiative to continue showing the work of great companies, no matter the cast . Though you should know that a couple of venues for Camellias in New York were in fact sold out. Also, casting for this was done by the
  14. I could not think of a more boring interpretation of Camellias than the film by Paris Opera Ballet. It left me snoozing and so disappointed. They were so limp, lacking in energy and just lethargic looking. This ballet is about drama and it isn't supposed to be handled with absolute subtelty, and though Zakharova can be all legs and cold in some ballets, Marguerite is the role that she owned at the broadcast. Everyone in the cinema was in tears. Also, I think it is a shame that you have said multiple times that you would not go to the cinema due to casting decisions, and yet in the end, you "
  15. Wow. This definitely helps. It moved it out of the small, old theater that puts the culture offerings in a tiny theater with a broken speaker system and a loud air vent. These other theaters are the ones where The Met and/or NT Live broadcasts are shown. Much better. Yes, and according to the website there will be 4 theaters in Manhattan as opposed to just 1 venue, and all will be shown live. I hope to see more of Smirnova this cinema season - official season trailer shows her and Hallberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd0BV9pR_wM
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