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  1. I agree with BSS that Huxley and Pereira were simply wonderful in Square Dance. The evening leads were equally accomplished, different in style. But Erica's lightness, quickness, and sheer joy in dancing were special, and Anthony exuded from his entire body, not needing facial expression to transmit emotion, passion and exquisite beauty. The coaching on all three pieces was, as usual, exceptional.
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    Noisy Feet

    I've been wondering about "noisy feet, too: saw Xiomara Reyes dance Gulane in Sat.'s ABT Corsaire. Gorgeous dancing, but noisy shoes! My daughter attributed it to the shoes -- she tought they might be Grishkos. Next afternoon at the Sunday matinee at NYCB, the stage was filled with dances in Firebird and not a sound from the shoes.