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  1. I would agree with onxmyxtoes... Sarah was certainly closer to finishing the sequence than 16 or even 20. She was so close to the end when she stumbled. And they were beautiful fouettes to boot. I thought her whole performance was really stunning and that any wobbles (most during partnered moments) were outshone by her grace and emotional dancing... I felt it was a total triumph for her!!
  2. I encourage everyone - on their next viewing of The Tempest - to take the first line of the "synopsis" really seriously if you haven't already. I'm paraphrasing here, but it says something like "This ballet is a meditation on the themes of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest." I did not notice that the first time I saw it (and have always wondered if it was included from the beginning) and was really frustrated after that viewing because I had no idea what had been going on, but upon the 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th viewing, I enjoyed the ballet much more because I was less focused on needing to under
  3. Gorak is dancing Bluebird at the June 12 performance with Boylston.
  4. Same people - Nicole Graniero and Luciana Paris, Cassandra Trenary and Devon Teuscher. P.S. I thought Stearns was awesome in Raymonda. Especially in comparison, because I thought Whiteside and Hammoudi were so NOT awesome in it. Whereas Whiteside and Hammoudi made the variation look like the most difficult and exhausting thing they've ever danced, Stearns soared through the huge leaps and jumps and made it look so much more effortless.
  5. Bingham - it is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8hecxDjyYE Note: In the diagonal hops on point, Devon Teuscher did entrechat quatre instead of straight changement.
  6. Rose1186


    I attended the September 26 performance of Manon with Marianela Nunez and Frederico Bonelli. It was great! Only my second time seeing Manon and my first seeing the Royal Ballet!! (I live in NYC). I was beyond excited to see Marianela and she definitely did not disappoint. She is just sort of perfect - so graceful, musical and strong. I went with someone who generally dislikes any ballet and even he said she was leagues above the other dancers. Bonelli was ok - he is very handsome and has beautiful lines. He was a bit shaky in the act one solo, which is all about control. Their chemistr
  7. I don't have much to add about The Dream... I thought the whole cast looked great. Obviously Herman as Puck stole the show - partly that is the nature of the role, and partly it is because Herman is one of the most spectacular dancers ever, anywhere. I thought Cory looked great (despite a few wobbles in the pdd) and thought his characterization of Oberon was good - thoughtful, humorous, cunning and arrogant. I think I read somewhere that Gillian said this is one of her favorite roles - I could tell. She really seemed to be enjoying every minute of it and looked really gorgeous. I don
  8. I went last night as well. It was my second time seeing T&V with Semionova and Stearns. I thought it was better than the first time and they both seemed more comfortable. She executed all of the difficult and fast choreography very well. Her feet are incredibly strong and articulate. The first time I saw this last week, Stearns looked like he was very unhappy to be dancing, but he definitely seemed to have a bit more energy and enjoyment last night. However, I felt like he was running out of steam by about half way through. I was not looking forward to seeing A Month in the Country, a
  9. I agree that Tempest wasn't very successful in telling the story or making me feel anything about what was happening. However, I liked the actual choreography for all of the characters (I always enjoy his choreography), I thought the costumes were fun and elaborate and I thought the dancing was all really spectacular. I thought that Sarah Lane was perfection and looked like a total star - it really did make me want to see her do Juliet in a major way. It was so wonderful to see Marcelo do this choreography - it suited him wonderfully and really showed how much more he is capable of in addit
  10. I just want to add that I definitely thought it was a problem in the orchestra. I was sitting pretty close (although off to the side) and the lead in was totally missed except for maybe one note. I think I had the same expression on my face as the dancers like "whoa wait!" But they pulled it together quickly and the rest of the variation was great. This was my first time seeing NYCB's production and overall I really enjoyed it. I was worried Sara Mearns wouldn't live up to the incredible amount of hype surrounding her performance in this role but she absolutely did. I thought she was wond
  11. Off topic, but just further on this... She is called Clara in Baryshnikov's Nutcracker (I think I watched this video 200 times when I was little) and Ratmansky's is Clara as well!! Also, I remember the name being Marie (not Maria) in other versions, but obviously possible that all of the above have been used!
  12. I have the impression that his interaction with soloists is so compelling because it reflects genuine friendship and respect, not acting (although he is a superb actor as well). One of his many endearing qualities is the way he always signals back to the soloists and corps to acknowledge their contributions during curtain calls. He himself worked his way up through the corps and soloist ranks, so that partially explains it, of course, but it always seems very genuine to me. Yes I definitely agree. (Sorry if it seemed like I was saying it was all an act). But I also think that David Hallberg
  13. I saw three performances - Vishneva/Gomes, Osipova/Hallberg and Kent/Bolle. It's hard to say which I enjoyed the most! It's just my most favorite ballet and I could have seen it ten more times. I think the cast I enjoyed the least was Kent/Bolle - while their PDDs were beautiful and they do have a great partnership, it was a little lackluster to me. It will probably come as no surprise that Kent struggled with some of the solo work and her acting didn't seem fresh at all. I always watch other Juliets and think that their bourrees backwards, away from Paris, are never as good as Kent's that
  14. Well even if it was someone very recognizable there would still be little chance anyone would know since it seems she is going to be laying on one of the tombs in the crypt - hard to tell those bodies are even living people.
  15. I agree with onxmyxtoes' review of last night's performance except that, from my seat, I didn't feel the connection between Isabella and Daniil. Every time they needed to show affection to each other, it felt more like friends or siblings than a romantic couple... perhaps I was just too far away. Also - I agree that Hee Seo looked beautiful in the Dream scene (I think the loudness is related to the landing from the glissades in this variation more than her particular shoes because I've noticed it before with other dancers) - but it definitely seemed that after the mishaps with the Italian fou
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