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  1. Yep thats right, hope they dont cancel Paris.
  2. He has moved out of the ballet world and into the real-estate business along with Eric Tam and they both are doing very well.
  3. sorry ABT Fan, can't get it to work on here. It's a picture of the thr cast taking their bow's.
  4. Well, it's 1:30AM on the West Coast. The premiere performance is over and the gala patrons must be basking in the glow of the after-party. Now we just need the reports and maybe a 'sneaky photo' or two! (Wink) ‪#‎proudtobeapartofABT‬
  5. I didn't see the work in question, but I'm pretty sure we've spent more time discussing it than they did performing it! I think it was all over in a couple of shakes.
  6. Twerking is a young persons thing and is generally regarded as a fun 'in your face' cheeky thing to do and has a global appeal (they hold the world Twerking championship in Jamaica). The fact that most people over the age 30ish find this kind of thing discusting is just another reason why twerking practitioners enjoy themselves. I think Liam Scarlett's juxtaposition of twerking and contempory ballet was meant to be both humourus and shocking, it stretches the narrative in an unexpected way and thats why he used it. I didn't see the Copeland/Whiteside twerk, but it must have been good to creat
  7. I think the dancing and costumes are fine, but the scenery in this Nutcracker is a bit bland and does't add much to the experiance. It looks a little utilaterian and inexpensive.
  8. http://www.timeout.com/newyork/dance/time-out-new-york-exclusive-gemma-bond-and-john-resner-unveil-their-brand-new-dance-film
  9. I think that it's a bit harsh to make firm or hard judgements on a dancers performance which are based soley on the rehearsal. Rehearsals are for the benefit of the dancers not the audience.
  10. I only know that it starts at 7.30 New York time.
  11. http://www.guggenheim.org/video/american-ballet-theatre-revivals tonight 7.30
  12. Congratulations to James tho', I'm sure he will be a great asset to the company.
  13. Also, James Whiteside has 'extra value' to Kevin over most of his ABT contempories because he has already learned and practised most of the principle roles when he was at Boston. ABT doesn't seem to spend to much of it's resorces on teaching staff. I think Sacha has deserved a shot.
  14. I thought that Cory Stearns was getting two 'Sylphides' and corpsmen Tom Forster and Joe Gorak one each. Eric Tamm is a six footer isn't he?
  15. The Royal Ballet has been running it's 'Chance to Dance' program for over 20 years, apart from Tyrone Singleton BRB and Shevell Dynot EN I dont think it's made any noticable diffence. Ballet reflects it's audience. Training black and ethnic kids to be dancers must go in tandem with actively attracting a more diverse audience, otherwise it risks being yet another exercise in political correctness. Talented black kids will spend years in training only to find that they are bypassed by the latest Russian sensations because they are the one that fill the theatres.
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