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    The Netherlands
  1. What about Sylvie Guillem? I saw her doing a Kitri which (in my opinion) equalled Osopova's. I dancer I would love to know more about.
  2. ZZP1

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Evgenia played a role in "Russian Dolls" (Les Poupées Russe) A nice movie to watch, factually is her acting very natural and convincing.
  3. I would like to introduce myself since I live on my sailingyacht in The Netherlands. I have taken a strong interest in ballet after I saw Darcey Bussell's performance as Gamzatti in Bayadère. Although I have to learn a lot, I still enjoy looking at the perfomances that are available on DVD. And of course YT. I hope to gather some knowledge through this forum. I might post now and then some questions as I cannot log in everywhere. Although I have a special antennae for the wifi and internet.
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