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  1. I had a great lough (though it is not funny when you are experiancing such distructios first hand) while reading the posts. Ed, the way you have described the look your wife is capable of... I was loughing for 10 minutes. Great job! Giannina, that hat story was very funny !
  2. When I was watching Bolshoy's D.Q. in Chicago flash cameras were going off constantly - it was very annoying. A man was so much into the music that he was injoying it by steping the beat with his foot. When the peformance was over and the dancers and choreographers came on the stage to bow, some of the viewers desided to skip the duty of giving the gratitude to the people who for 3 hours gave them theirs talents, strength, and sole. That was unspeakably rude.
  3. I thought somebody might find it interesting. " During a performance of Swan Lake on 25 November 1907, he (Vaslav Nijinsky) became so flastered that he stopped dancing his variation of the pas de trois in the first act and began taking his bows while the orchestra was still plaing. For this he was "verbally rebuked" by the dirctor of the (Imperial) theater." This info. came from the Archives USSR, and was used by Peter Ostwald in his book "Nijinsky, a leap in to madness".
  4. Inna

    Lynn Seymour

    How do you determine where a dancer is a dramatic or romantic? Could someone list exaples please?
  5. Inna

    Lynn Seymour

    I checked out some videos with different ballets in my library. Today I wached Giselle with Rudolf Nuriev as Albrecht and Lynn Seymour as Giselle, and corps de ballet of the Bavarian State Opera House. It was taped in 1979. My question is: Is Lynn Seymour a little bit plump for a balerina? I could not see a single muscle on her back or arms. Is it the way it should be, or was she really overwaight?
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